Homegrown Chinese supercomputer claims world number one ranking

A supercomputer equipped with 10,649,600 computing cores and capable of carrying out some 93 quadrillion calculations per second has just been crowned the world's most powerful supercomputer. Dubbed Sunway TaihuLight, this computing behemoth from China outperforms its nearest rival – another Chinese supercomputer – by being twice as fast and three times as efficient.Read More

Xiaomi rolls out Mi Qicycle foldable eBike

Xiaomi is a giant of the Chinese electronics world, and since releasing its first smartphone in 2011, it has branched out into a range of consumer electronic devices, including drones, smart TVs and fitness bands. Now, joining its personal mobility offerings is a new foldable eBike called the Mi Qicycle.Read More

China's tallest building on the rise

Construction is well underway on the Wuhan Greenland Center. Claimed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architects as the world's third tallest building, the supertall skyscraper is due for completion in 2017 and looks set to become the tallest building in China.Read More

Volkswagen aims straight for China with new Phideon

Volkswagen's first foray into the high-end luxury market, the Phaeton, wasn't exactly a success. Who would want a limousine from a brand with a name that literally translates to "People's Car"? Well, VW is hoping China wants that limousine, having used the Geneva Motor Show to launch the Phideon. Read More

Is this the end for China's weird architecture?

China is well-stocked with unusual and copycat architecture, and the vast country boasts its own versions of Western landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, White House, Tower Bridge, and even an entire Austrian village. However, the New York Times reports that the days of weird Chinese architecture may well be numbered following a new directive issued by Chinese government.Read More


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