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Neopenda tackles infant mortality in developing countries

Wearables are a dime a dozen in the developed world, but a New York City-based global health startup called Neopenda is looking to use the technology for more than just email notifications and step tracking. The company's namesake device is a baby hat aimed at helping newborns in developing countries survive their first month by tracking vital signs, and sending key information back to a tablet.Read More


Calling all test drivers 10 and younger

Anyone who sat behind the wheel of a car as a kid and imagined they were driving it may wish they could turn back the clock and move to the UK. Young Driver Motor Cars Limited recently completed production of a two-seater car designed specifically for kids from five to ten years old, and they're looking for test drivers to give it a go.Read More


Customizable papercraft robot teaches kids coding while having fun

If you try talking to young children about the joys of programming, you may witness eyes glazing over faster than ever. But mention robots and smartphone control, and see how laser-focused their attention can be. That's the premise behind the latest tech designed to encourage learning through play. The Arduino-based Kamibot teaches kids how to code using Scratch, while offering fun customization with papercraft skins.Read More


Mad 6 carbon fiber mountain bike is for kids only

Children's mountain bikes often end up just being stunted "lesser" versions of their adult-sized counterparts, not necessarily weighing much less. Australia's CarbonXScycles, however, has taken a different approach with its Mad 6. The lightweight carbon fiber bike is designed from the ground up to fit li'l riders, to the point that it even features a custom dual suspension.Read More


Mattel brings back ThingMaker as a 3D printer for kids

Mattel has announced that it's bringing back ThingMaker, its toy making kits which launched in the 1960s. But this time around ThingMaker will get a modern make-over and consist of a fully functioning US$300 3D printer designed specifically for kids. Used with a companion app, this will allow young creators to design and print their own toys at home.Read More


Snorkel Dive keeps young divers on a safety leash

While simply gearing up and jumping into the water may be one way for kids to learn to scuba dive, Snorkel Dive Innovations believes there's a safer method. Its patent-pending approach incorporates a tethered system with adjustable depth limits of from 0 to 6 meters (20 feet), giving young divers the opportunity to build experience and technique while becoming more comfortable with diving at their own pace.Read More


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