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Multifunctional hand truck works as a wagon, bike trailer and more

Hand trucks, wagons and mover's dollies are all handy tools with their own uses. Unless you have a regular need for each one, you probably don't want to devote the money and storage space needed to own all three, though. With the Erovr, you don't have to. This multifunctional gear hauler folds and snaps into all those tools and more, giving you numerous ways of rolling belongings around the home, driveway and beyond.
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Razor will make drifting easier, with the Crazy Cart Shift

Razor has used London Toy Fair 2016 to announce its latest Crazy Cart, and this one is designed to make drifting even easier than previous models. The Crazy Cart Shift makes a number of changes which will enable younger drivers to achieve serious drifts, including easier steering wheel-based drifting and an 8 mph (13 km/h) max speed.Read More

118 mph golf cart claims new world speed record

Playing a round of golf can take a good few hours, not least because of the time taken to walk between shots. Using a golf cart can speed things up, of course, especially if it goes 118 mph (190 km/h). That's the speed Plum Quick Motors says one of its high speed golf carts has hit to claim a new world record.Read More


The hilarious Razor Crazy Cart drift machine

When the Crazy Cart first launched in the USA, Canada and Australia last year, it made a huge splash. Not just for its awesome sideways drifting action, but because it featured quite frankly the best promotional video we've ever seen. Now, Razor has announced that its "ultimate drift machine" is available in the UK from August 1.Read More

Mini-Tumbler Batcart ready to do battle on the back nine

Batman’s Tumbler is one of the most recognizable vehicles from the silver screen. But whereas the raw sheet metal, oversized tires and anti-personnel cannons of the full-sized Batmobile are all about catching villains, Marc Irvin’s mini-Tumbler golf cart is geared towards navigating the sand traps and water hazards of Gotham City. Read More

Bubba Watson's hovercraft golf cart

Want to be the envy of everyone on the golf course without actually improving your golfing skills? Then you just need to ride out onto the green in the BW1, the world's first hovercraft golf cart. Read More

Good Thinking

Kinect grocery cart follows shoppers around the store

When Chaotic Moon Labs debuted the Kinect-powered Board of Awesomeness - and its mind-reading offspring, the Board of Imagination - that was apparently just a preview of a more practical product the company had in the works. Grocery store chain, Whole Foods, recently gave a demonstration of Chaotic Moon's latest device, which uses the same technology in a self-propelled shopping cart. The "Smarter Cart," as its been named, can detect what items are placed in it, match those to a shopping list, and even follow shoppers around the store on its own. Read More

Urban Transport

The homebuilt electric Z-Kart - who needs a Tesla Roadster?

As major automobile manufacturers around the world pour countless dollars and man hours into the research and development of electric vehicles, George Fortin has quietly gone about making one of his own. While it is true that his Z-Kart is just a one-seater with a range of 20 miles and a top speed of 40 mph that lacks pretty much any safety features or cargo capacity, it is nonetheless a well-engineered little buggy that looks like it would be a blast to drive. Not bad at all, for something that was made and designed and built by a real estate broker.Read More


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