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Blink EV charging stations coming to IKEA

By - July 14, 2011 4 Pictures
As project leaders for the public/private EV Project (which has also received a funding injection from the U.S. Department of Energy), it is the responsibility of clean electric transportation and storage technologies experts ECOtality to oversee the installation of thousands of commercial and residential electric vehicle charging stations in various locations throughout the U.S. EV owners visiting select IKEA stores in the Western United States will soon be able to top up while they shop, thanks to a partnership formed between the home furnishing retailer and ECOtality. Read More
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First Canadian car2go car-sharing program to launch in Vancouver

By - April 28, 2011 3 Pictures
After first launching in Ulm, Germany in 2008, then subsequently establishing operations in Austin (Texas) and Hamburg, the car2go car-sharing program is now coming to Canada. As of this June, registered members of Vancouver, British Columbia’s car2go group will be able to use any of the 225 purpose-designed Smart Fortwos in the local fleet, which can be picked up and dropped off at designated parking spots throughout the city. Read More
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car2go launches in Hamburg, Amsterdam to follow

By - April 12, 2011 10 Pictures
Daimler's car2go car sharing service kicked off in Ulm, Germany in October 2008 before expanding to Austin, Texas in 2010. Earlier this month, Hamburg, Germany, became the first city with more than a million inhabitants to see the introduction of the car2go service, but the second won't be far behind with a launch set for Amsterdam before the end of the year. One point of difference for the Amsterdam fleet is that the 300 strong fleet will consist purely of electric drive smart fortwo vehicles. Read More
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BMW teams with Sixt for world’s first “premium” car sharing service

By - March 24, 2011 4 Pictures
With much of the traffic clogging city roads made up of vehicles that carry a single occupant to work, sit idle for the day (usually attracting inflated parking fees) and then return home, driving in urban areas is a headache that just keeps getting worse. While public transport is the answer for many, some still require the flexibility of a car. Recognizing this, BMW is positioning itself as not just an automobile manufacturer but rather a "mobility provider," and has partnered with car rental company Sixt for a car sharing venture called DriveNow that will offer premium BMW models that can be picked up and dropped off wherever the user needs them. Read More
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car2go world first: dedicated car sharing vehicles straight from the factory

By - September 30, 2010 7 Pictures
Last year in the German city of Ulm, Daimler started up an experimental car-sharing system called car2go. It incorporated a fleet of 50 smart fortwos, that users could pick up in various locations, drive as long as they wanted, and then leave within the city. Ulm’s program is now up to 20,000 members and 200 cars, while a younger sister project in Austin, Texas, is up to 10,000 members. Given that success, Daimler has just announced a new “car2go edition” of the fortwo, designed specifically for use in the program. We got a look, at the 2010 Paris Motor Show. Read More
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UPDATE: car2go car sharing program goes public in Austin, Texas

By - April 15, 2010 2 Pictures
Late last year we brought you news that the City of Austin, Texas, had launched a rather radical car2go pilot program. Well, after the successful trial, this May the city will go public with the car-sharing system. The pilot began with a joint partnership between the City of Austin and Daimler where 200 smart fortwo vehicles were made available 24/7 within the city to a select group of city employees and their relatives. Now, the number of cars has been increased and all Austin residents and students can apply to utilize them. Read More
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car2go car sharing program hits the US

By - November 26, 2009 4 Pictures
car2go, the innovative car sharing program first seen in Ulm, Germany, has launched in Austin, Texas. A joint partnership between the City of Austin and Daimler will initially see 200 smart fortwo vehicles made available 24/7 within the city to a select group of city employees and their relatives, with plans to increase the number of cars and make them accessible to all Austin residents and students in early 2010. Read More

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