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The Cadillac Ciel luxury open tourer concept car on the road.

A few years ago the very existence of parent company General Motors was hanging in the balance but the Cadillac brand has made a spectacular comeback with an edgy design vocabulary in the CTS line and a seriously powerful headline-grabbing variant in the CTS-V coupe. The house style is sufficiently distinctive and the handling sufficiently sorted (we'll ignore the soon-to-be-killed-off Escalade) that the CTS is attracting buyers in Europe, something notoriously difficult for US car brands. Cadillac is feeling confident and that confidence was evident at Monterey last week where it unveiled a concept convertible that showcases a design direction for the future and its desire to move further upmarket, which of course, is exactly where Cadillac should be.  Read More

The Cadillac ELR

The Cadillac Converj luxury coupe, which made such a splash back in 2009 with its extended-range EV technology, is destined for production and will be named the Cadillac ELR. Not many details of the new ELR are available other than that it will feature an electric propulsion system made up of a T-shaped lithium ion battery, an electric drive unit, and a four-cylinder engine-generator.  Read More

Cadillac Urban Luxury Concept

It's understandable that U.S. auto makers are nervous about the prospect of having to sell luxury cars that are diminutive in size, as public perception has not yet caught up with the reality of urban congestion and the energy crisis. It's even more of a problem when your name is Cadillac, a brand that is synonymous with acres of bonnet, aircraft-sized motors and enough interior room for an entourage. So it's not surprising that Cadillac's Urban Luxury Concept is a technological tour de force, with every creature comfort imaginable, or that the press release reads like an apology.  Read More

Up close and personal with SAIC's Yez Concept Car

A few days ago, I managed to get up close and personal in Shanghai with one of the most interesting concept cars the world has yet seen. SAIC's Yez concept car is the first automobile, concept or otherwise, that's ever been conceived to have a negative carbon footprint. That is, it removes more pollution than it creates.  Read More

The new BMW X5 Security Plus is AK47-proof

BMW is extending its range of security vehicles with the new BMW X5 Security Plus, a car that will keep you safe as long as your assailants have nothing more than AK 47 weaponry, and it could just be one of those luxury extras to come into vogue in troubled times. At least occupants will be shielded from unintentional bullets if they stumble across a gun battle and if someone pops up beside your driver's side window with a handgun intent on carjacking you, you can now safely pull faces and show them the bird, providing of course, you've locked the door. Personally, if you're in grave danger and must travel regardless, may we recommend the late Saddam Hussein's favorite wheels, the Rhino Runner. For more on the BMW X5 Security Plus ...  Read More

The new Cadillac One
 Image: Cadillac/GM

The United States will celebrate the inauguration of its 44th President tomorrow, and the President has a new set of wheels. Continuing a tradition that's almost as old as the automobile itself, President Barack Obama will cruise down Pennsylvania Avenue in an all-new Cadillac Presidential Limousine. The completely redesigned limo replaces the DTS Presidential Limousine introduced in 2004 and while official details of the car's drivetrain, on-board tech and armored capabilities of course remain top secret, speculation has it (possibly) equipped with five-inch thick bulletproof glass and high strength ceramic armor. We don't expect confirmation on these details any time soon, but it's safe to say that this rolling fortress incorporates the best in protection (and comfort) that modern bespoke automobile production has to offer.  Read More

Cadillac's Converj concept

January 12, 2009 If one thing is immediately and staggeringly obvious at this year's Detroit NAIAS auto show, it's that electric, hybrid and extended-range electric cars have stepped out of the shadowy corners to which they were relegated in 2008, and they're now the main event for a lot of manufacturers. It seems the auto industry's well-documented woes in 2008, as well as consumer reaction to volatile petrol pricing, have galvanized even the most stalwart of old-school Detroit metal makers into action on gasoline alternatives. The extended-range electric seems to offer the most painless transition to primarily-electric motoring, and this is the way Cadillac have chosen to go with the Converj concept we saw unveiled earlier today. Capable of dealing with a typical 40-mile daily commute on full-electric, but with a petrol generator to make long trips possible, the 100mph Converj is a glamorous hint at what Cadillac intend to do with electric engines.  Read More

On the block: Tony Soprano’s 2003 Cadillac Escalade ESV

February 29, 2008 It's not exactly an example of emerging technology, but our interest in collector cars combined with a slight obsession with the Soprano's has prompted us to bring you this piece of news. A total of eight Cars and SUVs from the popular TV series are set to go under the hammer in March including Tony Soprano’s 2003 Cadillac Escalade ESV.  Read More

Cadillac Provoq fuel cell concept

The latest platform for GM’s zero-emissions E-Flex architecture comes in the guise of a luxurious crossover vehicle - the Cadillac Provoq. The all-electric drive Provoq combines the fuel cell system with a lithium-ion battery to achieve a 300 mile range, 100 mph top-speed and all-wheel-drive traction via a 70 kW co-axial drive system for the front wheels and separate 40 kW wheel hub motors at the rear. The sleek design also harbors a number of other innovations including active front grille louvers that close at speed to boost aerodynamics, push-to-release door handles, brake-by-wire technology and an integrated solar panel in the roof that supplements power for onboard accessories.  Read More

2009 Cadillac CTS-V

Set to hit the market in Q4 2008 and to be sold for the first time in markets outside North America, Cadillac's new addition to the high-performance V-Series line - the 2009 CTS-V - boasts an array of performance enhancing technologies built around a new 6.2L LSA supercharged V-8 engine producing an estimated 550 hp (410 kW) and 550 lb.-ft. (745 Nm) of torque. These include an industry-first Performance Traction Management program, a new automatic transmission with paddle-shift control and a Magnetic Ride Control system that utilizes electro magnetic shocks and electronic sensors at each wheel to deliver what's billed as the world’s fastest-reacting suspension. The cars' blend of luxury and performance extends to an extensive on-board infotainment suite that includes a 40-gigabyte hard drive, factory-installed Bluetooth, Bose digital surround audio and an advanced navigation system.  Read More

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