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Laguna Coupé Concept

September 11, 2007 Described as embodying Renault’s vision of a top-of-the-range grand tourer Coupé, the Laguna Coupé Concept strives to exude a mix of power and refinement through its flowing profile, long-nose and very short rear overhang backed by a newly developed 170-195kW (230-265hp) V6 dCi powertrain and Four-wheel Active Drive chassis.  Read More

Bose In-ear Headphones

May 7, 2007 In a trend mirrored around the world, US MP3 sales have been rapidly increasing, with a 32% rise in 2006 capping an eight year climb that never fell below the double-digits in percentage gain. And since people (grudgingly) replace headphones far more often then they replace MP3 players, headphone product innovation is expected to increase alongside the market, with companies trying to distinguish themselves and tap into the demand. Bose promises that its first venture into in-ear headphones will offer a wide frequency range and an ergonomic design. The US$100 headphones, (which are not noise-reducing or sound-isolating), can be fitted with three differently sized silicone ear tips to ensure that extended listening is made comfortable.  Read More

Bose SoundDock turns iPod into a digital music system

November 12, 2004 Bose has introduced the SoundDock digital music system, designed to deliver a new standard of audio performance for the Apple iPod and the iPod mini. The new speaker system lets iPod owners access, control and listen to their stored music with the ease of dock and play - no headphones, cables or adaptors required.  Read More

Bose virtual surround sound home theatre system

Bose have released a new audio system for home theatre that it claims can deliver a surround-sound experience that is extraordinarily close to a full five-speaker system using just two visible speakers.  Read More

New Bose system stores preferences, selects music

With the digitisation of the world's entertainment content underway at warp speed, it seems logical that high-end audio system manufacturers should add new functionality to differentiate their wares from the MP3 jukebox functionality now becoming ubiquitous. On cue, Bose has released two new Lifestyle home entertainment systems that store, organise and select music, taking into account the preferences of up to nine household members, with the ability to expand the system to up to fourteen zones throughout the home. Interestingly, Bose has chosen to improve the convenience and usability of the system, not the quality of the sound - Bose's usual hallmark. It's an important breakthrough that "removes the barriers between the listening and the equipment."  Read More

Bose Redefines Automobile Suspension Systems

Bose Corporation is best known for creating high quality audio products, and if asked to piece together your ideal car, its 11-speaker sound system would certainly be a contender to feature within. But the suggestion that Bose's new suspension systems would feature without begs an explanation. In an ongoing research project that has spanned over twenty-four years Bose has created a unique electromagnetic suspension system for automobiles that is close to commercial release and is set to replace traditional shocks and springs with electronic actuators.  Read More

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