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Harman's portable Bluetooth speaker plays music in and out of the car

Harman is working to appeal to a wide range of drivers with its suite of in-car technologies on display at CES 2016. In addition to high-tech smart car technologies, it's debuted the Voyager Drive, a simple plug-and-play Bluetooth audio solution that it imagines finding use in basic, affordable cars. The system hinges around a compact speaker that docks in the dashboard and removes for use outside the car.
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Home Entertainment

Pavilion wireless speaker mixes concrete with a copper twist

Unwelcome color, nasty distortion and unnatural reproduction. Those are the kind of annoying qualities that loudspeaker housing made from cheap materials can add to the listening experience. This has led some audio designers to look for a high density and weighty solution to the cabinet vibration problem. Concrete. Though that does perhaps produce images in the mind of boring and ugly monoliths dropping through the living room floor to the basement below, Germany's Concrete Audio and Italy's Digital Habit(s) would beg to differ. Now Los Angeles-based Hult Design is hoping to join the concrete party with a crowdfunding effort aimed at bringing its Pavilion speakers to market.Read More

Music Review

Review: Creative Labs Sound Blaster Roar 2 speaker

Creative Labs likes to do things big by packing its speakers with power and features. The original Roar, which we reviewed last year, delivered impressive sound and functionality. As an encore to the original, the Roar 2 is designed to be 20 percent smaller without any sacrifice or compromise to the hardware and audio. How well does this new version succeed? We recently spent a few weeks putting the Roar 2 speaker to the test.Read More

Music Review

Review: Thonet & Vander Koloss Bluetooth speakers

Although many of the latest portable speakers pack an appreciable amount of power, sometimes you’re just in the mood for more. Bigger. Colossal, even. Thonet & Vander, an audio manufacturer based out of Germany, has recently debuted a number of high-end Bluetooth speakers to consumers in the US. We’ve recently had the opportunity to crank up and hulk out to the flagship model, the Koloss.Read More

Mobile Technology

Waterproof UE Boom 2 rolls up to the party

Headphones let us enjoy music just about anywhere, but if you don't want to isolate yourself socially and share some tunes then a portable speaker is the way to go. However, not all are built to withstand the perils of rough outdoor life, and ones that are may not be portable or loud enough. Ultimate Ears' new UE Boom 2 Bluetooth speaker is designed to be adventure-proof, louder, and longer-reaching than the original.Read More

Music Review

Review: JBL Flip3 and Xtreme aren't afraid of the water

Portable speakers are a great way to take the party anywhere, but many lack in the robustness department to the point where taking one to the beach is like using a Faberge egg as a rugby ball. To keep the tunes going even on a rainy day, JBL's Flip3 and Xtreme speakers not only boast exceptional sound quality, but are also so water resistant that you can rinse them off under the tap. We recently got hold of each of them and put them through the figurative wringer.Read More

Home Entertainment

Like stroking the family pet, the BeoPlay A6 speaker responds to tap and touch

Depending on one's personal turf and aesthetic appreciation, a speaker can either take up space or be an integral part of living areas. B&O Play, by Bang & Olufsen, has recently introduced its latest speaker that's designed for the latter, complementing interiors while delivering room-filling sound. The BeoPlay A6 features touch controls, a host of wireless streaming options, and interchangeable fabric covers.Read More


Scosche Bluetooth speaker bottles up audio for cyclists

Despite the abundance of portable audio products, the choices for enjoying music while riding a bicycle are more limited. Headphones and earphones aren't ideal for those needing situational awareness, and most speakers aren't created with bicycle-mounting in mind. Scosche's recently-announced Bluetooth wireless speaker, the BoomBottle+, is designed to be rugged, loud, and conveniently-shaped to fit in most bicycle bottle cages.Read More


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