Beijing Concept points to high-tech hybrid future for VW

Volkswagen might translate to "people's car," but that hasn't stopped the automaker from attempting to crack into the premium end of the market. The Phideon is currently fighting the battle alone, but if the new Beijing Concept SUV is anything to go by, VW's artillery of cars aimed at the high end is set to expand. Kitted out with a hybrid powertrain to challenge the Volvo XC90's fancy T8 setup, the Beijing hints at the direction VW will take with its next range-topping four-wheel drive.

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Low-cost air filter could help Beijing breathe easy

Material scientists at Stanford University have developed a highly effective semitransparent air filter that can collect 99 percent of the very small PM2.5 particles, considered the most harmful to the human respiratory tract. The low-cost filters, which don’t require power to function, could be used to build better protective facemasks, window screens, filtration systems in hospitals, and perhaps even to reduce pollution from cars and industrial smoke stacks. Read More

Chaoyang Park Plaza adds some nature to inner-city Beijing

Chinese architectural firm MAD has started work on an ambitious new project that aims to add some nature to inner-city Beijing. The Chaoyang Park Plaza comprises commercial, office, and residential buildings – all of which feature a degree of sustainable technology – and MAD hopes to achieve LEED Gold-certification once the project is completed in 2016. Read More


Denza all-electric vehicle production model premieres in China

The auto market in China looks set to continue expanding dramatically and this hasn't failed to catch the eyes of the big players in the car industry. At Auto China 2014 in Beijing, Shenzhen BYD Daimler New Technology Co., Ltd presented the world premiere of the production model of its Denza; the first all-electric vehicle for the Chinese market produced by the first Sino-German electric car joint venture.Read More


Orproject proposes huge sealed Bubble of clean air for Beijing

According to a report by the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, environmental conditions in China's capital are so bad as to be "almost unfavorable for human living." Officials have recently passed new laws and set aside billions of yuan to try and curb air pollution in Beijing, which has been recording some of its worst smog levels ever. Architecture firm Orproject has proposed the construction of a sealed canopy filled with clean air. Bubbles would cover a park and botanical garden, providing a healthy, temperature- and humidity-controlled oasis.Read More


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