If the sensor goes pink, then don't drink

Unlike wine, beer doesn't age well. It goes stale, becoming a foul-tasting concoction that breweries certainly shouldn't be sending out to stores or bars. While brewers do already perform tests to gauge freshness, those typically involve expensive gas chromatography equipment and take time to conduct. Soon, however, a simple color-changing sensor and an Android app may be all that's required.Read More

Health & Wellbeing

Barley-based beer goes gluten-free for the first time

While beer menus has become more accomodating for those with an intolerance to gluten, the options still involve some departure from the traditional recipe to avoid grains as the source of the starch. But Australian scientists have developed a type of gluten-free barley that has been used to produce the world's first barley-based gluten-free beer. The brew lands on the shelves of German supermarkets today.Read More

Around The Home

The MiniBrew works like an auto coffeemaker for beer

Just like its more formal sibling, craft brewing, home brewing has exploded in popularity in the United States in recent years, and if startups have anything to say about it, the category should keep on growing. Joining the Pico brewer on the crowdfunding circuit, the MiniBrew is another all-in-one countertop brewing system that makes brewing beer nearly as easy – though more time-consuming overall – as brewing coffee.
Read More

Around The Home

Pico countertop craft automatic brewery for the inexperienced home brewer

In 2013, PicoBrew unveiled its Zymatic automatic beer brewing appliance, which was marketed to professional microbreweries as a way to create high-quality, repeatable test batches of new beer recipes. Now the Seattle-based startup has launched the PicoBrew Pico on Kickstarter. A smaller, more stylish version of the Zymatic, it's aimed at the home brewer with little or no experience, but a desire to make craft beer with as little effort and mess as possible.Read More


ePint boasts better toasts by glowing when your team scores

To some, sports is just that. Sports. But to many more all over the world, watching games and supporting players is part pastime, part culture, and maybe even part religion (e.g. Wisconsin's Green Bay Packers). Out of all the ways to show love and loyalty for one's favorite team(s) – from simple signs to full-on body paint/costumes – the latest may be the most flashy. The ePint Smart Beer Mug is designed to automatically light up in your team's colors every single time they score.Read More

Danish festival-goers donate urine to help make beer

Rather than collect and treat the copious amount of pee produced by beer-swigging live music lovers, the organizers of last week's Roskilde Festival and the Danish Agriculture & Food Council opted to put all that liquid gold to good use. A beercycling project dubbed "From piss to pilsner" invited attendees to leave deposits for local farmers to use as fertilizer for barley crops grown to make beer.Read More


Fraunhofer developing polymer test to ward off skunky beer

There's nothing quite as refreshing as a glass of beer on a hot day and nothing more disgusting than discovering that the beer has gone off in the bottle, leaving a sour, cloudy mess. To save innocent palates and Sunday barbecues, the Fraunhofer Institute is developing a new polymer powder that can quickly detect pathogens in beer before they can ruin the brew. Read More


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