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Pimp my Grill - the BeefEater gold-plated barbeque

By - May 10, 2007 3 Pictures
May 11, 2007 We’re not quite sure what it is about barbeques, but we’ve seen our share of innovative outdoor cooking appliances in recent times. First there was the 345 horsepower, 5.7-liter HEMI V8 barbeque, then the Powerblock V8 BBQ that brands the food it cooks with the logo of your choice and then GarageWorks’ concept tailgating appliance that cooks, cools, warms and stores. Now we’ve seen it all – in a promotional initiative designed to draw attention to its range of barbeques, BBQ manufacturer BeefEater has created the ultimate in backyard bling – the world’s first fully operational gold-plated barbecue. All parts of the US$12,500 grill except for the cooking surfaces have been individually plated in 24 carat gold. BeefEater tricked out one of its range-topping Signature Series 6 Burner SL4000 to create a uniquely lavish gold plated barbecue, “for those who want to make a statement with their barbecue and have the money to burn.” Read More
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Gagetek Propane Tank Scale for outdoor grill enthusiasts

By - May 10, 2007 1 Picture
May 11, 2007 High on the list of “big bummers to avoid” in the coming months is running out of propane mid-meal during a backyard barbecue or tailgate party. With this in mind, Gagetek has developed a US$30 electronic propane tank scale which should ensure it never happens again. Using a simple, one-button design with LED lights that alert the user to the amount of propane left in the tank and when it’s time to refill, the new electronic propane tank scale is designed for standard 20 and 30 lb. propane tanks commonly used on most barbecues, outdoor heaters and RVs. Powered by two AA batteries, the durable device weighs less than two pounds is claimed to be highly accurate. Read More
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Promotional V8 BBQ that brands the food it cooks

By - August 6, 2006 11 Pictures
August 7, 2006 Almost exactly a year after the 345 horsepower, 5.7-liter HEMI V-8 engine powered Barbeque which became an all-time Gizmag favourite (read more than 500,000 times) comes another custom V8 BBQ from Muscle Car BBQ Grills with several significant differences for companies wishing to show some promotional flair: it uses genuine parts to create a very authentic final result (your choice of Chevrolet, Ford, Oldsmobile or Hemi valve covers), it comes with the pistons of your choice as the controls, and you can have your logo fashioned into the surface of the grill at regular intervals so you can quite literally brand all the food cooked on the BBQ with your distinctive trademark. Read More
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The Jeppe Utzon Barbeque

By - June 19, 2006 9 Pictures
June 20, 2006 The result of a two-year collaboration between Electrolux and designer Jeppe Utzon, grandson of Sydney Opera House designer, Jorn Utzon, the Electrolux Jeppe Utzon Barbeque is designed to complement the current architectural trend of clean, minimalist lines. Not surprisingly, the elegant Utzon Barbeque is constructed of premium grade materials such as ScotchBrite Stainless and Corian and comes in at the ultra-premium end of the market with a AUD$9,000 (US$6630) price tag. Read More
— Good Thinking

Another V8 BBQ, 9mm semi-automatic-styled remote control and boombox sneakers

By - August 15, 2005 4 Pictures
August 16, 2005 Our Hemi-engined gadget article got a lot of response, including a company that really does make V8 snowblowers and this remarkable contraption – the “Frontgating Griller.” This amazing lean, mean, no-stick grilling machine will feed a family of 40 heated by your truck's own engine block. Specially designed grooves channel brat juices and burger grease into the bumper trough for easy cleanup or you can convert your engine to biodiesel and reuse all that succulent fat to fuel your reformed eco-unfriendly gas-guzzler. BTW – the gun at right is a 9mm semi-automatic-styled universal remote control and sneakers are boombox sneakers. Read all about them here. Read More
— Good Thinking

345 horsepower, 5.7-liter HEMI V-8 engine powered Barbeque

By - August 8, 2005 14 Pictures
August 9, 2005 Yes folks, this is a man’s barbeque. That’s Tim Kowalec firing up Chrysler Group's one-of-a-kind HEMI-powered grill at an event to announce the top five finalists in the company’s "What Can You HEMI?" contest. Until the event, the HEMI engine was only found in Chrysler, Jeep or Dodge vehicles. With the power and torque of the 5.7-liter V-8 HEMI engine, the grill can cook 240 HEMI dogs in three minutes and is covered by more than 330 square feet of steel. The contest involved people sending in concepts for machines that could be powered by a 5.7-liter HEMI V-8 engine. Five of the best ideas became semi-finalists and Chrysler engineers then built working models of the concept machines. The event was won by a Hemi-powered trike with a custom 4-foot wheel (bottom left image) but some serious machinery filled the placings – such as the Hemi Snowblower (centre) and Hemi paper shredder. Check out the images of all the finalists inside. Read More
— Good Thinking

Finally... a barbeque and ice box all in one

By - November 23, 2004 2 Pictures
November 24, 2004 The Fire and Ice Grill2Go barbeque and ice box from Salton is an all in one combo that fulfils the dream of many a male in weekend mode. The bbq featured a detachable "Grill to Go" hotplate with stainless steel burner, a 38L Cooler with heat-resistant lid, a rust resistant aluminsed steel body and even a built in bottle opener. The Fire and Ice is lightweight at 30 kg and easily transportable. The step on pedal mechanism elevates and unfolds the barbeque from the bottom icebox in one easy step, and the Grill2Go cooking top, with a 2,000 sq. cm griddle cooking surface can be removed for use as a table top grill. Read More

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