Solar-powered air-con uses heat to cool shopping center

Solar-concentrating thermal technology is being used to power the air-conditioning system of an entire shopping center in Australia solely from the rays of the sun. With around 60 percent of all energy used in shopping centers being consumed by heating and cooling needs, the new system could lead the way to significant power and cost savings in a range of large commercial spaces.Read More


Scientists attribute mammal extinction to climate change for the first time

Climate change is by definition a global phenomenon, but there are few locations feeling its immediate impacts like Australia's Great Barrier Reef. Just a month after local scientists were left reeling as warming seas triggered the worst coral bleaching event in its history, researchers are now reporting the reef's only endemic mammal species has become extinct as a result of rising sea levels, describing its demise as the first mammal species to be killed off by human-induced global warming.Read More


Experimental hypersonic craft hits Mach 7.5

The Australian Department of Defence has announced the successful launch of a hypersonic aircraft called Hypersonic International Flight Research Experimentation (HIFiRE) 5B at the Woomera Test range. According to a statement, the craft reached a velocity of Mach 7.5 (5,710 mph, 9,188 km/h) and an altitude of 278 km (173 mi) as part of an Australian-United States program to study fundamental technologies needed to travel over five times the speed of sound.Read More


A look inside Slack's new Asian outpost

Few startups have rocketed to fame like instant messaging service Slack. Since its 2014 launch, it has amassed more than two million daily users and now sits among the likes of Snapchat and Airbnb as one of Silicon Valley's uber rich success stories. And with explosive growth comes the millions of dollars, ventures into new regions and apparently, swanky new offices tucked away inside old breweries. Gizmag was on hand as Slack cut the ribbon at its new Melbourne headquarters to have a little poke around.Read More


Ground broken on loopy Infinity tower

Work has begun on a new luxury tower that will be the centerpiece of the redeveloped Green Square area in Sydney, Australia. Infinity by Crown Group has a distinctive looped design that is pulled down towards one corner to accommodate tiered garden apartments and a rooftop terrace.Read More

Environment Feature

Stepping back in time to protect the future of the Great Barrier Reef

Australia's stunning Great Barrier Reef is changing, and not for the better. In the years since the industrial revolution, the increasing amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has made the oceans warmer and also more acidic, which is bad news if you're young coral trying to make your way in the world. In the first study of its kind, a team of scientists has altered the seawater chemistry in a natural section of the reef to mimic pre-industrial conditions, observing just how well the coral was able to grow before we came along and altered the landscape. Gizmag spoke with one of the researchers involved to learn how stepping back in time might make for smarter steps into the future.Read More


Australia deploys shark-spotting drones to keep watch over beachgoers

With tens of thousands of miles of coastline and a recent spike in shark attacks, Australia is exploring some pretty imaginative approaches to ensuring the safety of its beachgoers. Magnetic barriers and shark-tracking phone apps are a few of the tech ideas that have been floated, and the state of New South Wales is now turning to drones to help do the job. It has launched a trial of unmanned shark-spotting aircraft, which will survey the coastline for predators lurking in shallow waters. Read More


Downsizing down under: Sustainable Melbourne home responds to urban sprawl

Australia's Austin Maynard Architects has completed a high-end Melbourne home that's pitched as a response to the inexorable growth of urban areas. Dubbed That House, it takes up almost half the physical footprint of its neighbors, but remains an enviably attractive place to live. The home also boasts sustainable features including a rainwater collection system and roof-based solar panel array.Read More


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