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Frame displays downloaded artwork on 4K screen

Remember digital picture frames, those LCD screens that displayed peoples' snapshots? They're still around, but their low resolution has relegated many of them to garage sales and closets. Well, Frame is like a digital picture frame on steroids. It has a 50-inch 4K screen, and its accompanying app allows users to download works of visual art for ultra high-definition display.Read More

Around The Home

Spider clock pays homage to modern art icon

The work of one of the most famous and lasting names from the Modern Art movement was the inspiration for two Swiss companies to come together on a high-end clock collaboration. Called Arachnophobia, the timepiece references the Maman, a spider sculpture created by the iconic artist Louise Bourgeois.Read More


BIG crowdfunds steam ring generator for ski slope power plant

Back in 2011, we reported on BIG's Amager Bakke project: a waste-to-power station near Copenhagen billed as "the world's cleanest power plant." It should certainly be the world's most fun, as it's due to get a ski slope and an art installation which expels a steam ring each time a ton of carbon dioxide is released. The Danish firm recently turned to Kickstarter to fund development of the steam ring generator.

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Smog Free Tower creates clean air, and air that you wear

Smog affects many major cities around the world and can cause health problems for those breathing it in. To highlight this issue, Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde is building what he calls the world's largest air purifier. The Smog Free Tower is designed to allow people to breathe clean air in a city ... plus it also turns the smog into jewelry.Read More

Good Thinking

Google's neural networks create bizarre "Inceptionism" art

Having taken on everyone from chess grandmasters to chefs, computers are further exploring their artistic side with computer scientists demonstrating how artificial neural networks can create works of art reminiscent of William Blake on opium. The surreal images produced by a technique called "Inceptionism" are part of a process to better understand how such networks operate and how to improve them.Read More

Rain Lamp makes a splash at home

A new light by designer Richard Clarkson puts two elements together that are ordinarily kept well apart. The Rain Lamp combines water and electricity, with light shone through a reservoir in the bottom of a large, clear, acrylic globe. The light creates "mesmerizing ripple patterns" on the floor or surface below.Read More


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