Insect pests romanced by a sticky acoustic trap

You've probably never heard of huanglongbing – unless, of course, you're a citrus farmer. Then you'd know that it's another name for citrus greening disease – a tree affliction brought about by the Asian citrus psyllid, a pinhead-sized insect. To fight the blight, researchers have decided to appeal to the bug's romantic side by creating a trap that lures it in by playing the sound of a female psyllid.Read More


Electronic eggs aid vulture rescue efforts

There's an old saying that goes: "If you want to know the vulture, be like one of his eggs." OK, that's not even remotely an old saying, but it is at least part of the thinking of a new initiative that will see a batch of artificial electronic eggs called "EggDuinos" getting plopped in the nests of vultures in order to study their habitats.Read More

DIY socks pause Netflix when you nod off

Netflix has released a step-by-step guide to making socks that are designed to do more than just keep the feet of binge-watchers warm and cosy. The socks detect when the wearer has fallen asleep and pauses the currently playing program to prevent them from losing track of their favorite show.Read More


MOVI offers simple voice control for Arduino projects

Arduino is a great platform for those wanting to get into both software and hardware development, but incorporating voice commands into these projects is not without its challenges. MOVI is a standalone speech recognition unit with full sentence capability that aims to make this task straightforward.Read More


Grasp telepresence robot puts a remote teacher on your shoulder

The familiar cartoon meme where an angel sits on someone's shoulder and a devil on another, both giving advice in the person's ear is one we all know. But what if you were able to have a real adviser sitting on your shoulder while learning a new task that not only offered advice but oversaw and guided your actions as well? The Grasp telespresence robot is designed to do just that.Read More

Around The Home

Open source greenhouse enables smartphone control of a veggie garden

Between potting parsley, curating coriander and tending to tomatoes, a vegetable patch requires a fair amount of work and even more know how. But what if you could call on an online community to keep everything in in working order when you hit the limits of your gardening prowess? The MEG Open Source Greenhouse is an internet-connected indoor microclimate designed to tap into the collective knowledge of green-thumbs around the world.Read More

Waves: A Lava Lamp with a modern twist

While sat at his desk trying to unwind, designer Frank Cohen was inspired to create a modern version of the Lava Lamp. The Waves smart Bluetooth speaker sports rows of programmable LED lights which illuminate customizable diffusion filters up top. Read More


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