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Anti-paparazzi lasers being fitted to the world's biggest private yacht

By - September 22, 2009 1 Picture
Chelsea football club owner Roman Abramovich rose from obscurity and successfully navigated the shady world of early Russian privatization to become one of the world's wealthiest self-made billionaires. His 40-man private army of security personnel make him one of the best-protected businessmen in the world, and when his private gigayacht the Eclipse is handed over in time for Christmas this year, it will be the largest (at a staggering 560ft) and most expensive (at US$1.2 billion) private yacht the world has ever seen. Security will be as tight as you'd expect, with missile defence and intruder detection systems - but the Eclipse's most notable feature is a privacy system that can detect the digital cameras of snooping paparazzi and blind them with laser bursts, ruining spy photos. Read More
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Anti-paparazzi clutch bag gives pushy shutterbugs a taste of their own medicine

By - July 8, 2009 4 Pictures
Celebrities looking for a way to combat those pesky paparazzi that doesn’t involve fisticuffs and a less than flattering mug shot will want to hope this new "anti-paparazzi device" makes the jump from concept to commercial availability. The concept is basically an LED flash built into a clutch purse that emits a photo ruining flash of its own when it detects the flash from a camera. Read More
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Anti-Paparazzi Sunglasses

By - June 25, 2008 1 Picture
June 26, 2008 Now this is an interesting idea we haven’t seen before – fitting bright LED lights to glasses so they can be switched on and make you “invisible” to cameras. Sadly, the otherwise good idea comes unstuck because no self-respecting celebrity would choose to look so silly. The promotional email we received for this video had a disclaimer – “CAUTION! - never use them for illegal act.” Sadly, the most likely market for this invention is bank robbers. Read More
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