Smart Boy turns an Android phone into an old-school Game Boy

No matter how far games advance, nostalgia for simpler times will never fade. Independent hardware developer Hyperkin is known for banking on that nostalgia, releasing products that give classic games consoles a new lease on life long after the original manufacturers have moved on. Now it has announced the Smart Boy, an Android peripheral that allows old Game Boy and Game Boy Color cartridges to be enjoyed on a smartphone.Read More

Nokia name to re-enter the world of phones and tablets

Remember Nokia? Surely you do, the brand used to make mobile phones. Tough phones that could take a beating, phones that could go for weeks on one charge. Gosh, those were the days. The Nokia name is coming back, thanks to a new license agreement that allows Finnish company HMD to sell phones using the name over the next 10 years.Read More


Google's Daydream (Android VR) announcement: We have a few questions

Did you watch the keynote today, where Google announced Android VR, along with its standalone VR headset? And did you catch our hands-on afterwards? Amazing! Okay, so that wasn't exactly how it went down – a stark reminder that leaks and rumors don't always line up with reality. What we saw instead was the announcement of an Android-based VR platform called Daydream, with no physical hardware in sight (yet). Let's take stock of what we do and don't know about Daydream.Read More


Five things Google's standalone Android VR headset needs to be a killer product

Today's VR landscape looks something like this: HTC/Valve and Oculus on the premium high-end, Sony looming in the mid-range (comically bad motion controls and all) and Samsung/Oculus owning the entry-level mobile tier. Google is rumored to announce a headset of its own on Wednesday and, depending where in that spectrum it falls, could end up planting its flag in an unclaimed sweet spot that better balances quality, price and simplicity.Read More

Mobile Technology

5 features to look forward to in Android N

Just when we'd grown used to Google launching previews of Android at its I/O event in May, it decides to unveil the Android N preview early. These developer previews give app makers and users alike a heads-up about what's coming in the next version of the Android mobile OS, and these are the major new features we know about so far.Read More


Odroid C2 single board computer is faster than a Pi 3, doesn't include wireless

Earlier this week, the Rasbperry Pi Foundation added cooked in wireless capabilities to its popular single board computer with the launch of the Pi 3 Model B. But if you're the kind of tinkerer who would rather have more processing power, faster Ethernet and support for higher resolution graphics, perhaps the Odroid C2 from South Korea's Hardkernel might be just what you're looking for.Read More


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