Plans to bring Eric, the UK's first walking, talking robot, back to life

Back in 1928, a robot that could speak and move around was pretty impressive, so it's no surprise that Eric the aluminum-clad automaton was a sensation when he did just that in front of crowds across Europe and the United States. However, just as suddenly as Eric the robot shuffled onto the world stage, he disappeared. Now the British Science Museum is looking to rebuild Eric for new generations to enjoy, using information contained in original photographs and drawings.
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Automotive Review

Video Review: Jaguar's XE S is a big cat that knows how to boogie

An injection of cash from Tata has seen Jaguar leap back to life recently, with good looking cars that take advantage of modern materials to offer a distinctly different approach to BMW, Audi and Mercedes. The latest to launch is its crucial, midsize volume seller – the XE. So, does it feel like a Jaguar, and is it good enough to take on the German establishment? After spending a week in the supercharged XE S, we finally have some answers.Read More

Modern take on rock classic takes flight

Back in January, 660 Guitars made a company and product debut at California's Winter NAMM Show with the aluminum-bodied Patriot guitar. Now the Texan guitar builders have officially added a thoroughly modern version of Gibson's iconic Flying V to the American-made guitar line. Meet the Aviator AV27.Read More


Carbon nanotubes shown to protect metals against radiation damage

An international team of scientists led by MIT has discovered that adding small amounts of carbon nanotubes to metals makes them much more resistant to radiation damage. Though currently only proven in low-temperature metals like aluminum, the team says that the ability of the nanotubes to slow the breakdown process could improve the operating lifetimes of research and commercial reactors.Read More

Winter NAMM debut for 660 Guitars and the Patriot

Texas-based startup 660 Guitars hit Kickstarter in November to help fund the production of a new line of aluminum-bodied guitars. Though the crowdfunding effort was not successful, founders Drew Emory and Myke Wilkerson are forging ahead with a company and first product premiere at California's Winter NAMM show in January.Read More


Material one thousand times thinner than paper withstands the squeeze to retain its shape

Ultra-thin and lightweight, yet durable beyond the lab setting. These are the desirable attributes for scientists in pursuit of the next generation of versatile, high-performing wonder materials. Emphasizing one without compromising the others has been a tricky balancing act for engineers, but one team is now claiming a significant breakthrough. Its first-of-its-kind nanoscale plate is one thousand times thinner than paper and still manages to maintain its shape after being bent and twisted by a human hand.Read More


Aluminum "yolk" nanoparticles deliver high-capacity battery recipe

Researchers at MIT and Tsinghua University in China have found a way to more than triple the capacity of the anodes, or negative electrodes, of lithium-ion batteries while also extending their lifetime and potentially allowing for faster battery charging and discharging. The new electrode, which makes use of aluminum/titanium "yolk-and-shell" nanoparticles, is reportedly simple to manufacture and is especially promising for high-power applications.Read More


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