Alkaline Batteries


Energizer's "EcoAdvanced" batteries are partially made from recycled cells

Energizer has announced a new line of high-performance AA and AAA alkaline batteries that are in part made by recycling old cells, in what's claimed to be an industry first. Although currently only four percent of the battery comes from recovered materials, the plan for the company is to grow that percentage tenfold over the next 10 years and eventually use recycled materials in all its future cells.Read More


Venom introduces world's first carbon neutral alkaline battery

A new range of batteries from Venom is free of mercury, cadmium and lead, and has been certified carbon neutral by The Eco Alkaline batteries were certified carbon neutral after a detailed product life-cycle assessment of carbon emissions. As part of a carbon neutral project, Venom is supporting the Return to Forest Project which is helping to reforest Nicaragua's Pacific coast. Read More

Mobile Technology

New Oxyride Extreme Power Battery offers twice the performance as alkaline

Long lasting reliable batteries are an indispensable part of our lives and despite rapid progress in almost every aspect of technology, dry cell batteries have not progressed since the alkaline battery forty years ago … until now. Panasonic will release a new battery later this year that promises twice the life of the best existing alkaline battery, the Duracell Ultra. On the market for 12 months in Japan, where it has taken a 10% market share in the face of an influx of cheap battery imports a third its price, the Oxyride Extreme Power will sell for the same price as a standard alkaline battery. In the Japanese market, Panasonic undertook an aggressive marketing campaign using a car powered by two AA-size Oxyride batteries. In demonstrations around Japan, the car has repeatedly travelled a kilometre and has a best distance of more than 1.25 kilometres. Read More


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