Ford makes suit to simulate drugged driving

Ford has created a suit of clothing that mimics the effects of driving while under the influence of drugs. The suit, dubbed the Drugged Driving Suit, is part of the Ford Driving Skills for Life program for young drivers. The goal is to use the suit, along with its Drunk Driving Suit sibling, to educate kids in a hands-on way about the effects of driving under the influence, even when they might "feel fine."Read More


Boozy comet Lovejoy houses building blocks for life

Astronomers have discovered large quantities of alcohol and sugar, as well as the presence of complex organic molocules, on the comet Lovejoy. The observations, made by the 30 meter (98 ft) radio telescope at Pico Veleta, Spain, support the theory that comets may have played an important role in the formation of life on Earth.
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Makr Shakr robo-bar exterminates your thirst

If you've ever wanted the perfectly mixed drink, you may soon be in mechanized luck. An automated bartender is about to begin serving the public. Makr Shakr is claimed to be the world’s first robotic bar and can apparently mix one Googol (the digit 1 followed by 100 zeroes) drink combinations.Read More

Around The Home

Sulfite-filtering Üllo aims to make wine-drinking less whine-inducing

Do you get itchy, cramped-up or wheezy from even a little bit of wine? It could be because you have a sulfite sensitivity. Sulfites are sulfur-based compounds that are added in the wine-making process to prevent bacterial growth – they keep the wine from spoiling while it's in transit and storage. Given that they're not needed once the wine has been poured, however, chemist James Kornacki has developed a device for reducing them at that point in the game – it's called the Üllo.Read More

Walk-in cocktail creates a boozy atmosphere

Have you ever finished work on a Friday and felt like a glass of your favorite tipple simply won't cut it? Well soon you'll be able to have a whole roomful of it. The Alcoholic Architecture bar is a walk-in cocktail that lets guests breathe in a cloud of alcoholic mist. Alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream via the lungs and eyes.Read More


New tools in the fight against drunk driving revealed

America's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has shown members of Congress the latest advances it has made in the quest for anti drunk-driving technology in the car. Working in partnership with an industry consortium, the NHTSA unveiled a test-car designed to help it fine-tune driver interactions with potentially life-saving anti drunk-driving innovations.Read More

Health & Wellbeing Review

Review: Alcomate Revo brings pro-level alcohol screening to consumers

Drunk driving is a serious problem and – despite being conscientious – at a certain point in the evening, trusting one's own judgement means trusting someone who isn't sober enough to make the call. While inexpensive breathalyzers costing less than US$30 are available, they're not the most reliable, while the more professional models need to be sent back to the factory on a regular basis for recalibration. Recently, we got hold of an AlcoMate Revo by AK GlobalTech. The device is aimed at the consumer market, and uses a replaceable sensor module that eliminates the need for recalibration. We put it through its paces. Read More


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