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TabGrip holds on to your iPad


January 2, 2011

TabGrip makes typing easier in either portrait or landscape mode

TabGrip makes typing easier in either portrait or landscape mode

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Apple's iPad gets top marks for aesthetics, but when it comes to ergonomics, most would agree there's room for improvement. The result is a bevy of products devoted to protecting, propping-up and generally enhancing the experience of living with an iPad. This example – the TabGrip – is a versatile stand that also protects the device when placed on flat surfaces, but its primary aim is to ensure the iPad stays firmly in your mitts as you play games or show off your latest holiday snaps.

The TabGrip is made up of four contoured, rubberized grips centered on each of the iPad's four sides so that it's comfortable to hold in both portrait and landscape mode. The hinged legs can also be used to make viewing and typing easier regardless of which way the screen is orientated.

There's a slot for the connector so you don't have to remove the TabGrip while charging/syncing and it protects the iPad from getting scratched or dented when placed on a flat surface, even with the screen facing down.

While the design doesn't offer any corner protection, it doesn't add as much bulk as some covers and at 0.25 lbs, it won't send you to the chiropractor.

The US$50 TabGrip is nominated for the "Best of Show" prize at CES in Las Vegas and the MacWorld Expo in San Francisco.

Here's a look at the company's promotional trailer:


the advert ruins it for me.

Jonathon Marks

Johnathon,, perhaps if she looked like this woman the advert would not ruin it for you? http://www.gizmag.com/zipbuds-keep-tangles-at-bay/17337/

Bill Bennett

WOW it protects everything, exept for all the corners! stOOpid design............

Denis Klanac

Nice! I just checked out their webpage and it says they are doing a big 30% sale until the end of today so the price ends up being $34.99. Not bad in my books. I use my iPad at home mostly so for me the functionality of the legs is huge - I\'m going to get this. Thanks for this review.

Facebook User

Thanks for your comments about the TabGrip. We are always interested in what people think about our product and presentation, positive or not. We\'ve had a wide range of comments about our site, particularly Melanie\'s videos. Some love it and some, not so much. But, we hope that you won\'t overlook this awesome product even if you don\'t prefer the presentation. We consciously chose to expose the corners because they are the strongest points on an iPad and it saves significant weight (a major problem, in our opinion, of other other traditional cases). The TabGrip weighs about 4 oz (some other cases weigh over 1 lb). At the same time, we gave the truly vulnerable areas in use, such as the main bezel and convex back, sturdy protection. The philosophy of the TabGrip is to provide everything you want and nothing you don\'t need. We hope this is helpful, and we invite you to try one. We think you\'ll love it. And, of course, we would also love to hear more comments!

Team TabGrip

My comment is that, for the corners, perhaps you might also provide simply some scratch covers for them... if you can find a way for them to just clip on. One idea is to have four plastic corner \'cups\' tied together with stretch \'strings\', in an \'x\' pattern, with a flat disk \'apple\' at the center. It might seem \'hokey\' compared to the rest of your \'case\', but would provide some basic scratch protection... at almost no weight. And the apple \'disk\' might clip somehow into the back of your case. Feel free to cut me a small check ;)


@RpD sounds like an iPad-bra is around the corner! ;-D

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