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T-Reign tethered Procase keeps your electronics safe and at hand


July 25, 2012

The T-Reign's retractable cable ensures your smartphone or GPS doesn't meet a swift, painful end

The T-Reign's retractable cable ensures your smartphone or GPS doesn't meet a swift, painful end

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Based on a design originally created to keep workers' keys on their persons, T-Reign gear tethers keep your most essential outdoor gear handy while preventing you from losing or breaking it. Its latest product adds an extra layer of protection for electronics in the form of a protective case with retracting cable. It protects portable electronics from the dings, cracks, chips and outright loss that daily life can dole out.

T-Reign calls its Procase the first protective case with a retracting cord built in. Inside the protective thermoformed-foam and nylon case is a Kevlar cord that keeps the smartphone, GPS, camera, flashlight or other valuable device as secure as the pen at the bank.

With up to 36 inches (91.5 cm) of cord to work with, the Procase still allows use of the device. The cord straps to an existing attachment point on the device or to an included adhesive mount that can be added on. The case lashes to your belt or backpack strap via Velcro.

The Procase may seem a little overengineered - if you're already carrying your device in a case, are you really going to lose it without a retractable cable leashing it to your body? T-Reign mentions that it was designed for the likes of hunters, hikers and mountain bikers that need fast access to electronics while on the move. These users may be moving quickly, in rugged terrain, and only paying half attention to the device in their hands.

The tether protects against accidental drops or misplacement. The case itself provides weather, water and impact protection.

T-Reign introduced the Procase earlier this year. The small and medium sizes retail for US$34.95, and the large retails for $39.95. If you don't need the full case, T-Reign's traditional tethers offer the retractable cable in a slimmer package.

Source: T-Reign via Outdoor Hub

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