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Suzuki X-Lander crossover convertible and other concepts headed to Japan


October 29, 2013

The Suzuki X-Lander will make its debut next month in Tokyo

The Suzuki X-Lander will make its debut next month in Tokyo

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Suzuki has revealed its plans for next month's Tokyo Motor Show. Like Honda, it will showcase a variety of equipment, including cars, motorcycles and personal transportation. And like Mitsubishi, it will shine a little light on green crossover/4x4 concepts, including an open-top convertible known as the X-Lander.


The X-Lander is based on Suzuki's Jimny, a compact off-roader that's scratched out a unique niche in the market. It's about a foot and half (46 cm) shorter than a Nissan Juke and a few inches narrower, but despite that diminutive size, it doesn't look or perform like the average road-centric crossover. In eviscerating the car with a 1 out of 10 rating, Top Gear summarized that it's "a tiny, cheap and rival-free hardcore off-roader" that "does what it does quite brilliantly, does everything else appallingly."

Suzuki designed the X-Lander to offer practical driving around the city, but with the capabilities necessary to blaze past city limits for some fun in the wilderness once in a while. Because of its small, off-road design, the X-Lander looks a bit – a tiny bit – more natural as a convertible than, say, the Nissan Murano. Its tiny windscreen, beefy tires and door cut-outs give it a little bit of concept-car flair.

The Jimny's 1.3-liter engine is far from the dirtiest gas guzzler out there, but Suzuki uses the X-Lander to experiment with a cleaner hybrid powertrain. It does not detail exactly what that is, outside of speaking generally of a "compact lightweight hybrid system" with an electric motor integrated into the 4WD system.


More of a familiar small crossover than the X-Lander, the Crosshiker is a lightweight CUV that succeeds the 2011 Regina/G70 concept, also revealed in Tokyo in 2011. Suzuki explains that it combines the low weight of a minicar (1,786-lb/810 kg) with the bigger size of a compact. No hybrid system necessary, the Crosshiker uses an efficient 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine to wheel around town.

Hustler and Hustler Coupe

Suzuki describes the Hustler as a crossover-like minicar. It looks like a boxy urban car in the vein of the Kia Soul, but Suzuki says that it's aimed at a sporty, outdoorsy type of consumer.

"This is a stylish yet practical design with plenty of SUV touches, combining an exterior that looks like it belongs in the outdoors with a roomy, comfortable, and useful interior," the automaker says.

The Hustler Coupe doesn't appear too much smaller than the Hustler, but it has what looks like a suicide door(s) in back. Its revised styling, including a descending roofline, makes it a little less boxy and results in the "coupe" designation.

Extrigger Mini Motorcycle

The Extrigger is an electric mini motorcycle designed for pure fun. It houses an electric motor from Suzuki's e-Let's scooter on its small aluminum frame. Suzuki assures the world that, while it may look like a kid's toy, it packs legit hardware, including inverted front forks and front and rear disc brakes.

ET4D Concept

A different type of four-wheeled concept, the ET4D is described as an "electro senior vehicle" that looks like a cross between a golf cart and a motorized mobility scooter. It includes a tilt-detect function that gives visual, voice and alarm warnings. To make it easier to use and maintain, it includes an odometer, maintenance check light and battery recharge light.

Suzuki will also show the iV-4 crossover concept, which debuted at last month's Frankfurt Motor Show, along with a number of other cars and motorcycles.

Gizmag will be on the floor of the Tokyo show beginning November 20, giving you all the latest news on cars, concepts, technology and other industry highlights.

Source: Suzuki

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If these were sold in the USA, Suzuki would not have left/stop selling cars here.

The X-Lander seems like a Smart Cross Blade on steroids. It is really cool, IMO.

I really like the Hustler and Hustler coupe.


The mobility scooter with the cargo basket looks good.

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