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SunStick helps gardeners find the light


November 19, 2008

The SunStick

The SunStick

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November 20, 2008 As a self-confessed ‘black thumb’ (I’m told that’s the opposite of a green thumb), anything that improves the chances of survival of a plant under my care always piques my interest. My parents constantly tell me the importance of ‘location, location, location’, when it comes to plant placement and a new product from Plumstone, LLC, might just help me get that aspect of gardening right. The SunStick is a garden tool that resembles a faux flower top and measures the light in its immediate area, be it indoors or out, to give gardeners an idea of what plant would be suited to that location.

Simply plant the SunStick in the ground in the morning and return at the end of the day and compare the color of the light sensitive Sunshine Meter with the included color chart to determine whether that area of the garden is Full Sun, Part Sun, Part Shade or Full Shade. For indoor gardeners the SunStick Home measures the light of a specific location indoors in as little as 20 minutes to reveal whether the location is of low light intensity (75 to 150 foot-candles), medium light intensity (200 to 500 foot-candles), and high light intensity (500 to 1000 foot-candles).

A SunStick Starter Pack can be bought from the SunStick website for USD$9.99 while the SunStick Home Pack for indoor plants is available for USD$7.99. Not a bad investment if you find yourself continually buying new plants to replace the recently departed.

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