SunChips unveils world's first fully-compostable chip bag


April 3, 2010

One of the new biodegradable SunChips bags, after spending 12 weeks in a compost heap

One of the new biodegradable SunChips bags, after spending 12 weeks in a compost heap

The last thing the world needs right now is more discarded food packaging, which is why it’s good to hear that Frito-Lay is about to introduce a 100% compostable bag for their SunChips snacks in the US and Canada. Made with plant-based polylactic acid, the new bags will completely biodegrade within about 14 weeks when placed in a hot, active compost bin.

Frito-Lay reportedly spent four years developing the bag. It is designed with three layers - an outer layer with graphics and other visuals, an inner layer that serves as a barrier to protect the chips, and a middle layer to join the other two layers together. Once finished, the bags were submitted to the independent Wood’s End laboratory, which certified their compostability. The bags also received certification from the Biodegradable Products Institute.

Now, it’s all very well and good to make bags that break down in a compost heap, but how many people are likely to still just throw the things in the garbage? Most of them, probably. That said, Frito-Lay is also working on a national composting awareness program with the US Composting Council, recycling educators Earth 911, and Al Gore’s Current TV.

Some people might see this as another example of a big corporation trying to look good by jumping on the green bandwagon, and perhaps it is. For what it’s worth, though, Frito-Lay does have a history of eco-friendly initiatives... and hey, a compostable bag is a compostable bag.

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This new bag was on my local Wal-marts shelves 3 weeks ago...not exactly breaking news...

and FYI, I hate hit. It crinkles super loud.


@Howe Wow you would find anything to complain about, get some perspective.

Gruph Norgle

The question I\'d have to wonder about is will the bag present a good oxygen barrier without the metallic foil current packaging uses.


This article implies something which is not true, which is that PLA, or corn plastic, is home compostable. It can only be composted in commercial compost facilities which provide heat above and beyond that natural to the process in a home compost bin. There are very few such facilities in the US. Furthermore, with hundreds of millions of tons of disposable plastic made every year, \'sustainable\' plastic, made of corn, threatens hundreds of millions in the impoverished third world with starvation. Read more about micro-biodegradable plastic alternatives made out of byproducts rather than food at .


World\'s first? Obviously somebody is under the age of 30! I have eaten real potato chips from bags made of paper or cellophane. Folks forget that ALL packaging was biodegradable prior to the widespread adoption of Petroleum based plastics after WWII.

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