Wood Peg furniture makes for a versatile home interior


September 9, 2012

With some Wood Peg furniture built, the other components hang on the wall

With some Wood Peg furniture built, the other components hang on the wall

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For the most part, furniture tends to be pretty fixed once the decision has been made on where to place it in the home. Buy a table and at the end of the day the odds are it's still a table, sitting in the same spot and serving the same function. A chair? The same thing. But Studio Gorm’s Wood Peg furniture concept provides a little more flexibility in furnishing your home. And when a particular piece of furniture isn’t in use, it can be deconstructed and its various bits and pieces hung on the wall where it could, in the eyes of some, become a work of art.

Studio Gorm, a design studio founded in the Netherlands but now based in Eugene, Oregon, is a collaboration between John Arndt and Wonhee Jeong Arndt. The pair's approach is to design simple and practical products, and the Wood Peg furniture range seems to tick both of those boxes.

Wood Peg is essentially a set of components that when put together form simple, wood furniture. This includes a stool, a bench, a desk, and a table. With a set of differently sized tops and sets of differently sized legs, the components can be combined in whichever way the owner sees fit. Perhaps to suit different occasions or to provide furniture for different members of the household. A simple rail system attached to the wall houses all of the different components when they're not in use.

This isn't the first system of changeable furniture – IKEA and others have developed similar ideas. Nor is it the first example of furniture which can be hung on the wall out of place when not in use – the Shakers were doing this as far back as the 18th and 19th centuries. However, it may well be the first system to combine the two. Also, unlike most other modular furniture, Studio Gorm's Wood Peg system requires no tools or fasteners, with each leg able to be screwed in and out of position as the need arises.

This appears to be just a concept at present, though Studio Gorm has clearly built a working prototype. With the mix of materials including Douglas fir, hemlock, oak, ash, walnut, and hickory, a produced set would likely be rather costly. But with Wood Peg providing a mix of versatile furniture and modernist wall art, it could be a popular choice for minimalist clutter-haters.

Source: Studio Gorm via Core77

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Nice enough concept in theory, however, the individual elements do take up a lot of wall space, which in a cramped apartment (or similar) will already be in short supply, as the walls are the best place for shelving or other storage media.

Would be better if they all stacked on top of each other to save space on the wall. Also the I'd wonder as to the longevity of each piece if they are required to have the legs screwed in and out each time they are used and stored. A simple trestle table with fold-under tables, as used for conferences, would probably prove more durable.


Great design and functionality. If IKEA sells it, I would definitely buy one. Awesome!

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