FLEXiT offers a new take on task lighting


December 27, 2011

The FLEXiT Light incorporates a bendable, hang-able and magnetically-attachable array of 16 LED bulbs

The FLEXiT Light incorporates a bendable, hang-able and magnetically-attachable array of 16 LED bulbs

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For people who want portable LED lighting that mounts just about anywhere, there are already devices such as the Joby Gorillatorch, most of which are variations on the tried-and-trusted flashlight form factor. Striker's new FLEXiT Light takes a bit of a different approach, however. Instead of incorporating three or so LEDs within one lens, it utilizes a bendable array of 16 high-output bulbs.

The FLEXiT's washable silicone body can be wrapped around objects such as pipes, or bent by hand to focus or spread its light as needed. Its rubberized ABS battery compartment/control unit doubles as a pedestal-type base, allowing it to stand up cobra-like on flat surfaces. That base contains two neodymium magnets and a hang loop, adding to the mounting possibilities.

Users can choose between high, medium and low output settings, which will in turn determine how many of the LEDs are illuminated. With all 16 bulbs aglow, the FLEXiT puts out a claimed 128 Lumens. The required three AA batteries are said to last for approximately 70 hours, if the device is run at "low."

The FLEXiT Light is available at various retailers and via the Striker website, for US$29.99.

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seems super useful and at an amazingly nice price

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