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Stretchy Bowl saves space, keeps fruit fresher


July 16, 2012

Stretchy Bowl expands as needed to accommodate more fruit, all of which should stay freshe...

Stretchy Bowl expands as needed to accommodate more fruit, all of which should stay fresher thanks to the breathable fabric it's made from

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We're all encouraged to eat more fresh fruit - whether by parents, partners, or physicians - but it isn't always the easiest advice to follow. Fresh fruit doesn't stay fresh for long, especially if it sits in a bowl with other types of fruit that are closer to being past their best. It's also difficult to know what size of bowl you need to own in order to accommodate the differing numbers and types of fruit you are storing at any one time. Stretchy Bowl is an effort to solve both these issues.

Stretchy Bowl comprises an easy-to-assemble white metal base and a round piece of elastic fabric held in place by a metal hoop. The porous fabric sits on top of the base like a trampoline waiting to be weighed down with fruit. As you add individual pieces of fruit it shapes itself correctly to hold the fruit in place. Its maximum capacity is dictated by the curved legs of the base.

The breathable material allows air to circulate more routinely, keeping all sides of the fruit equally exposed. This should prevent one piece of fruit sitting enclosed on all sides and forgotten at the bottom of the bowl from going rotten too quickly and taking the rest of the bowl's fruit down with it.

When the fruit bowl isn't being used it can be flattened down for easy storage or transport. Stretchy Bowl comes in three colors: blue, red, or gray fabric to complement the white base. It is priced at US$59.

Sources: Hook n' Loop Design via NotCot

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If they can't even suggest how much longer it will keep fruit fresh I have to assume it is an unproven product. Keep it in your fridge.

The Hoff
16th July, 2012 @ 09:53 pm PDT

I crocheted my own fruit bowl,using twine of various sizes. It stretches and is breathable and will fold up when all fruit is eaten. Cost $15 for yarn, and a couple of hours of crochet!

Tricia Thompson-Browne
25th July, 2012 @ 04:59 am PDT
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