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Kahuna Creations' Bombora is designed for street surfing


April 24, 2012

The Bombora is a wide, long board designed specifically for land-based paddling

The Bombora is a wide, long board designed specifically for land-based paddling

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Several years ago, Utah-based Kahuna Creations innovated a sport it calls "land paddling." With the simple addition of a balled paddle, longboard skaters have been able to paddle their way around asphalt and concrete, bringing the burgeoning sport of stand-up paddleboarding onto dry land. Kahuna is now updating its land paddling line with a purpose-built longboard modeled after one of its surfboards. The new Bombora Longboard uses a big, surf-style design to make for what is reportedly a smooth, intuitive ride.

If you look at the board, you'll immediately notice it has a shape distinct from the typical longboard. The board is shaped after Kahuna's Black Coral Classic Surfboard, and unlike other longboards, it's purpose-built for land paddling.

Not only does the board use a more surf-styled shape, but it's practically as long as a surfboard. At just under 5 feet long (1.5 m) and 14 inches (35.6 cm) wide, the Bombora gives you a big, stable platform for making swooping, stick-assisted carves. Kahuna marketing manager Cory McBride told us that it's wide enough to stand on with both feet pointing forward, the same stance you'd use on a water-based paddleboard. It's also long enough to walk back and forth on.

The Bombora has 70-mm wheels, 10-inch trucks and carved out wheel wells to eliminate wheel bite. It's crafted from Baltic birch and weighs 17 lbs (7.7 kg). Dedicated land paddlers can get their Bombora boards now for US$250.

Source: Kahuna Creations

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I've always wished there was a form of transport like biking but that exercised your upper body in an aerobic manner. I don't know if it would be practical in most of North America outside of parks given how unwelcome bikes and skate boards are already. And with many parks using non-paved paths like gravel and wood chips it would even rule out many parks. But then, with that long pole you could probably smack people in the face when they lower their car window to curse at you.

Snake Oil Baron

Video would have been nice...

Daniel Lafontaine

@Snake Oil Baron A guy in Cambridge, MA, USA uses one of these all the time. The Boston area has very slow moving traffic, and though doesn't have many designated bike paths, cars are accustomed to sharing the roads.

William McCluskey

I have one of the Kahuna paddles. Really does give you a upper body workout. This board looks interesting in that it's pretty wide so the wheels don't stick out. With them sticking out it is easy to catch a wheel with the stick as you paddle.

Gary in VA

It might need brakes on a steep hill but does look like fun. I am sure that a person would get lots of upper body exercise using one of these. The cost is reasonable but the shipping might be high due to its size. I think helmets, elbow and knee guards would still be in order, especially for beginners, even though the rider in the picture is without them. I would also like to see some video.

Adrian Akau

Just make the thing surf in the water end of discussion


Let the Battle Begin! I can see this being used in a no-holds-barred, futuristic skateboard battle with these sticks!


Love it! Thanks for the review!

Cory McBride

SUP meets land -- could it be true?? For all those land lovers, choppy days on the bay, or just too windy for comfort, one can enjoy stand up paddle on pavement! What a unique idea. Shaped a bit different and bigger than a long board, you can take your skills on water to the streets. Perfect for cruising around beach towns, soaking up the sun while staying dry. Only 17 lbs and 5 ft., so no board racks needed. Like SUP, seems like the Bombora is worth a try!

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