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Strapp Wallet stays connected and safe, without ugly chains


August 22, 2013

The Strapp Wallet is designed to be secured without chains

The Strapp Wallet is designed to be secured without chains

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Remember when everyone had those wallets with chains linking them to their pants? It was an interesting look, but it also offered the useful feature of keeping everything attached to your body. The look may be out of style, but Charles Harris is looking to bring the functionality back with his Strapp Wallets. Instead of a chain, it features an adjustable-length lanyard that can be completely hidden away.

This is actually the second project on Kickstarter from Charles Harris. The first, called Lace Anchor, is actually a key component in the Strapp Wallet, as it allows users to adjust the length of the lanyard to suit their needs. It also makes the lanyard removable, should you decide you just want to use it as a thin wallet.

The lanyard at maximum length is 36 inches (91 cm). This should offer users some flexibility in how they choose to wear the wallet.

A cool touch that might seem obvious – but that proves critical to this wallet, as it is meant for an active lifestyle – is the horizontal card slots. This means you can safely drop the wallet without worrying about any of the cards falling out. These pockets also make it safe to carry change without it going missing.

The goal for the project was very modest, at US$7,500. Harris has already exceeded that goal, so the project will be funded. Buyers interested in snagging a Strapp Wallet for themselves can do so for $24 while the early bird specials last. Once those sell out, the minimum pledge goes up by a whole dollar to $25.

The Kickstarter pitch video below provides more information on the Strapp Wallet.

Source: Lace Anchors, Kickstarter

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Can the lanyard be cut easily with a small pair of scissors?. it would probably make it easier for a pick pocket to pull the wallet out and cut the line with a knife or scissors or something like that.

Denis Klanac
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