V8 Wet Rod: The luxury yacht of personal watercraft?


July 3, 2014

A rendering of the V8 Wet Rod

A rendering of the V8 Wet Rod

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If you're a millionaire who wants the ultimate in opulence for your sea voyages, you get yourself a luxury yacht. However, what about those times when you're just playing around? Currently, you get the same Jet Ski-type thing as everyone else ... although there may soon be an alternative. Yacht designer Kurt Strand has just announced his forthcoming Strand Craft V8 Wet Rod luxury personal watercraft.

Presently in development, the vaguely naughty-named Wet Rod will feature a 16-foot (4.9-m) carbon fiber/epoxy body powered by a 300-hp 5.7-liter V8 engine. Its water jet propulsion system will reportedly take it up to a top speed of 65 mph (105 km/h).

Drinks (presumably bottles of Dom Pérignon) can be stored in an ice box under the seat, while larger items will go in a waterproof luggage box. Optional extras include wood or carbon fiber inlays, custom paint and/or wrapping, a custom trailer, a sound system, a chrome engine dress-up kit, and GPS navigation.

Strand tells us that the Wet Rod should be commercially available later this year, with prices starting at US$49,000. That's still a lot cheaper than his planned $25 million Strand Craft 122 yacht, which would come with its own supercar that could be stored on board when not in use.

Source: Strand Craft

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Maybe fast on the water, but up on shore it looks like a beached whale.

Bob Flint

Kinda like the motorcycle with a V8, no reason for its existence. Good luck with this one!


I agree with Bob, it does look like a beached whale on land. It does not look like a PWC. it does have a look all its own.


Could it possibly have a more socially awkward name...


OK if you have money to waste - I would rather buy the 2-seater version of the Gibbs ATV - that is even cleverer, you finish play, drive back to the campsite or SUV/trailer in a clearing out of the elements.

The Skud

Sometimes I wonder what planet these people live on. We are only a few years away from oil supply not meeting demand, no matter how hard the oil producers try. Yet we can have machines like this purely intended to frivolously consume as much of it as possible.

We are like very young children who have discovered a bag of sweets (for sweets, read oil) and are consuming them (it) without any thought for the future. We are metaphorically down to the last few sweets (think barrels) and still have no plans of what we are going put in the tanks of tractors and trucks, let alone toys such as this item. Perhaps Bob Flint's "beached whale" comparison might be even more appropriate than it first appears.

Mel Tisdale

Lol. Good one @Mel Tisdale

Jesse Jideofor

WOW ,, I love this thing, it's almost as big as my bass boat, and I bet it rides smooth, a jet ski will beat ya up bad in ruff water. heck you can use this as a tug boat, just strap some old tires on it. I want one !! nice build.

Jay Finke

As someone who designs, builds high performance boats of all type, this is about as useless for it's size as I've even seen.

Nor at 65mph is it that fast. No reason you need more than 100hp if designed right in much less space, weight.

I built a PWC when I was 15 as fast as this one with just 15 hp.


@ Mel Tisdale What makes you believe that the oil is running out now? These predictions have been failing to come true for decades now.


Great style design, Poor practical design! When wet getting back onto this thing will need grab rails, I cant see any, and look at that instrument cluster, have these people never hit a wave that throws the driver down onto front? The instrument cluster is ready to deliver severe trauma to the head and upper body at the first big wave or beach hit. This is much like the "Skimmer" ( no grab handles, no security for the humans on board, slick designs like this would be hell when wet. The engine is too big and heavy for such a craft, how are those beached machines going to be got back in the water? wait for high tide? Put a driven rubber track on the base, like that new form of transport ( that way you could drive them back into the water and out into the yacht when you got there. These designers need to get away from the design pad and use something in the environment they are designing for, to get practical ideas.


This makes me want to tear my hair out. OK... a cool concept - a V8 powered personal watercraft. I get it. I would seriously want to take one for a ride. Environmentally responsible? Hardly, but whatever...

However... The design? The company name? The photograph? They are kidding, right? They design the body so that, at least when I first look at it, the first thing I think of is a whale. I'm sorry, it looks like a whale. Then they take a picture of it beached. So now, to me, it is a beached, dying whale, not a V8 powered jet ski. And then the narcissist owner / designer simply can't resist putting his name on it somewhere. Kurt Strand. So now it is a Strand Craft.... seriously? A dying beached whale that immediately implies that it is unreliable right in it's name. Oh yeah, let me at it. And let's not forget the model name. Wet Rod. Awesome. Perfect name if you are targeting 15 year old boys with 49 large to spend on an unreliable, dying beached whale of a watercraft. Best of luck with that. I think I've had too much coffee.


Mass produce. Awesome Test in Caribbean, Hawaii, Australia, Fiji, Mexico, Cuba, FL alone

Stephen Russell

This will come in handy when the ocean levels rise about your luxury seaside villa. Maybe it can run on whale oil.


Perhaps the ugliest water craft I've ever seen. I didn't know that LSD was still around in the water craft design world.


It looks much like the older boat designs from the 40's. Instead of carbon fiber it would be more period correct in teak, I think. It's good for people to imagine but that doesn't mean all our imagination spawned designs should be brought to life. I think this would be best left on paper.

Dr. Veritas

Over powered, over priced, over rated.

Stuart Wilshaw

So many negative comments about this. And so I guess I have my own opinion. I rahtha like it. It has lines reminiscent of the low Wooden Speed boats of yesteryear, YET a veritable modern interpretation in a very artistic design.

Without people bringing their artistic tech ideas like this to fruition we never aritistically progress along with our technology.

I suppose if I was a MILLIONAIRE and had money to throw at this, I would do it.

I am entertained by the snide comments of most of the above comments. I often notice more negative than positive anyway on comment pages. The majority of the unhappy bunch of commenters have never heard of the saying: if you don't have anything nice to say, say nothing at all. However they argue that at least they are commenting, true as that is.

F Ed Knutson

I rather like it, but I do not see the point. I doubt these vehicles sell much or will be mass produced enough to have that much of an effect on the worlds oil supply . That being said though, I doubt they will sell very many of these devices. Aside from the odd styling and the extra power, where are the luxury features? As someone who has played with PWC's and powerboats in the past, it will be tough to get the types of top speed a v8 is capable of on such a small frame.

I get luxury, and I get speed, but this seems to have neither. Its only a rendering though, so only vaporware for now.

Michael Wilson

I don't see why anyone would buy this, Yamaha, kawasaki, and sea-doo all make 300hp PWC that are faster and undoubtedly handle better too. For about $35,000 less too.

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