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Ground-breaking Strand Craft 122 luxury yacht comes with free supercar


June 11, 2010

The Strand Craft 122 coordinates beautifully with its accompanying supercar

The Strand Craft 122 coordinates beautifully with its accompanying supercar

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It’s not often you see a company giving away a free supercar with a product purchase, but this is exactly what Strand Craft plans to do with its 122 luxury yacht – a 38-meter Open super yacht packed with the very latest in state-of-the-art technology and engineering.

Fashioned by Gray Design, the Strand Craft 122 concept boasts an Art Deco interior with four double rooms, four large staterooms, a reception, salon and numerous crew cabins. It’s also littered with 52” LED TVs, Bang & Olufsen sound in all rooms and of course, it looks absolutely stunning.

Powering this luxury behemoth are twin Rolls Royce engines and with the optional booster, it’s capable of generating over 14,000 horsepower and can break speeds of 50 knots.

The accompanying as-yet-unnamed supercar is hand-crafted and uses a twin turbo V12 engine to generate up to 880 horsepower, achieving a top speed of around 230mph. As you can see from the images above, the yacht coordinates beautifully with the car and even has its own built-in garage.

Unfortunately you’ll be paying rather a lot for the ultimate luxury of ownership – around US$25m to be precise. And you'd better be quick, because only six are scheduled to be made and rumor has it five of them have already been snapped up.


If I were the manufacturer, I\'d start a rumor there was 5 out of 6 sold as well...

Matthew Haney

Don\'t know of any docks set up to handle a driveoff car, unless it pulls into a ferry dock somewhere.

Lawrence Weisdorn

The next James Bond 007 movie! I can see it now! That\'s about it.

Randy Pang

i\'d buy it if I had 50 mil...

Bryan MacKenzie

environmental disaster toys for ego-maniacs and other wealthy waste-of-spacers


Lawrence - Can tell from the picture that you can disembark the car from any boat launch.


One day when I\'m super rich I\'d like to have something like that to play with!!! Kudos to the manufacturer.

Facebook User

for that kind of money it should fly too.

Hilary Albutt
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