How to stop the autoplay videos in your Facebook feed using Chrome


March 30, 2014

How to stop the autoplay videos in your Facebook feed (Photo: Annette Shaff /

How to stop the autoplay videos in your Facebook feed (Photo: Annette Shaff /

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Regular Facebook users will no doubt have noticed that videos in their news feed are playing automatically. If you're using Google Chrome, you can stop this from happening very easily.

The first thing you need to do is open your plugin settings by opening a new tab and pasting chrome://settings/contentExceptions#plugins into the address bar.

On the resulting window, enter the hostname pattern [*.] and select block from the behavior dropdown.

Click done, and refresh your Facebook tab.

Was that quick and easy enough?

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Thank god for you guys XD!


I find that very informative and much needed. I kept thinking that I accidentally clicked on them when they start to play. I will be posting this at different places so others who use Chrome can know about it too.


This is a fantastic tip, thanks Gizmag! :)

Gregg Frank

What does hostname pattern mean?

Kenneth Koenig

Great fix.

Google makes a youtube/facebook "problem" and a Chrome "fix". Very convenient for them in their battle with facebook and other browsers.

I'll stick with open source browsers who don't have that kind of conflict of interest. Its best to keep OSs, browsers, and content providers separate to prevent such back-alley deals from happening.


Kenneth The hostname pattern is the name of the web page or pages where you want to stop the videos playing automatically. Using [.] makes the video block apply to all of the pages on facebook, similar to searching your computer for all text files by using the search pattern .txt


Only major problem with this fix is that it blocks all java applets even in redirected tabs/games. I play some FB games and doing the above fix make any game I open through FB not playable because flash is blocked.

Would be nice to be able to stop the vid starting only.

Mick Don

You could use the most straight forward way.. by visiting your settings > video tab and turning videos off.

Mick Don
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