Stelton now selling world's smallest electric espresso machine


January 17, 2010

The Stelton Simply Espresso

The Stelton Simply Espresso

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If you frequently travel to a lot of different places, then you are doubtless familiar with one of the biggest challenges facing today’s jet-setter - finding a decent cup of coffee. Well, help is on the way. In fact, scratch that, it’s here. Danish fancy-gadget-seller Stelton is now offering the world’s smallest battery-powered espresso machine.

Called Simply Espresso, this caffeine-lover’s steamy-dream-come-true was designed for Stelton by French tech company Nielsen Innovation. It is reportedly quite easy to use, and even reaches a pressure of 16 bar, just like the big boys. And at just 23 x 8 centimeters (9 x 3 inches), the stainless steel beauty will easily fit in a suitcase... you might have to pack a couple less pairs of underwear, but priorities are priorities.

If you should buy the Simply Espresso, it probably won’t be long before you start to take it for granted, and wish you could do more. Well, that’s when you go and buy yourself the Simply Milk Frother. Even smaller than the espresso-maker, this Danish-designed gizmo makes creamed froth for the drink of your choice in less than a minute. You can even use low-fat milk! You will, however, need access to a microwave oven.

So, you’ve made your espresso, added the froth, but now you don’t want to hang around in your hotel room to drink it? It sounds like you need the Simply Vacuum Flask. With three insulating layers of stainless steel and plastic, along with a magnetically-attaching top/cup, this has got to be one of the fanciest vacuum flasks available to mankind.

Frasier Crane would be envious.

To find out where you can buy this Holy Trinity of mobile coffee-making, go to Stelton’s website and click on “Resellers."

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If this coffee maker can be fit into a car, it would save a lot of money for the guy on the go or just about anyone who would rather make their own cup of coffee. I want one.

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