Stealth introduces Core i3/i5/i7 mini-PC


April 15, 2011

Stealth Computer has announced its most powerful small form factor PC to date, which is available with Intel's Core i7 mobile processor

Stealth Computer has announced its most powerful small form factor PC to date, which is available with Intel's Core i7 mobile processor

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Industrial-grade rugged computer systems manufacturer Stealth Computer has announced its most powerful small form factor PC to date. The Little PC 670 has been designed with Intel's Core i3, i5 and i7 mobile processors, and packs numerous I/O connectivity options into a 6.54 x 6.18 x 1.89-inch (166 x 157 x 48 mm) durable aluminum chassis. HDD storage comes as standard, but SSD solutions are available for applications that require extra-high shock, vibration and temperature protection. There's support for full 1080p high definition playback, and 5.1 Channel audio courtesy of Realtek.

Although the standard LPC-670 model comes with Intel's Core i5 520M processor running at 2.4GHz on a QM57 chipset, there are Core i3, Core i5 580M (2.67Ghz) and Core i7 620M (2.67GHz) versions also available. Up to 8GB DDR3 memory can be installed over two slots, and 2.5-inch hard drive storage options go up to 750GB, with SSD options also on offer. The system comes shipped with a slot-loading DVD-RW/CD-RW combo optical drive, with a Blu-ray burner option also available.

Connectivity takes the form of Gigabit LAN, an optional Wi-Fi 802.11g card and antenna, four USB 2.0 ports, RS232 COM port, DVI-I video connector, audio in and out, and a HDMI port.

The LPC-670 will operate within a temperature range of 0 to 50 degrees C (32 to 122ºF) and 95 percent relative humidity. It can cope with vibration of 0.5Grms, Random, 10~500Hz, X,Y,Z 3Axes, 0.5hr/Axis, and withstand shock of 8G, half sine, 11ms duration. There are chassis brackets available for rack mount installations, and the unit can be powered by an included 20V DC power adapter or can be connected to an external DC source of 12 to 20V DC.

The device is compatible with Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems, with custom configurations possible. The LPC-670 is available now, with the base model starting at US$1,650.

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$1,650, i think it would be more economical to just buy a laptop, at least it comes with its own screen.

Denis Klanac

1650??? what?? did you mean 650?? even then I don\'t see the value in it..

Michael Mantion

The mobile i3/i5/i7 are much more power efficient than desktop i3/i5/i7, and are also much less capable. This is very nice that they made it so small, but they priced it as if it were very chic, when in fact it is an ugly little black box.

At work I did something much more stealthy: I took my big HP computer box and placed it underneath my desk. So now it is completely hidden from anybody having to look at it, plus it serves double-duty as a footrest. Score!


Toshiba Lenovo Libretto W100 - truly portable, with two (!!) scrrens runs on batteries (not that long, though...) Currently on sale in Australia for USD 840 Love it!

Hans Schaefer

People are simply trying to be more like Apple, take a basic product try to wrap it nicely, slap a chic name on it, and charge 200% it\'s worth. I don\'t understand...

Bart Komorowski

Basically an ITX mainboard in a little box....Big Deal, way overpriced!

Facebook User

$1650 - Doh! You can built at least 2 powerful desktops for this money. What\'s is that, really?

Михаил Финогенов

Buy a Mac Mini instead - cheaper, looks nicer and you can run windows if you really want to!

Derek Henderson

Rugged... That is what the name implies which means it should be able to take on most anything. I could see military or outdoors people looking into this...

Daniel Lafontaine

1650 Dollars... Joking... a Mac Mini is not even half the price with double the style.. why would anyone buy this product?

Jens Schwoon
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