Stayhold secures the junk in your trunk


June 12, 2013

The Stayhold "in action"

The Stayhold "in action"

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A quick Googling will show you that there are already plenty of car trunk organizers out there. While these generally consist of several pre-formed compartments, the Stayhold is different. It’s simply a plastic mini retaining wall-like thingy, that sticks to the trunk’s carpeting using a strip of Velcro on its underside.

The idea behind the product is that you’ll load your groceries, potted plants, Ming vases or whatnot into one corner of the trunk, then stick the Stayhold onto the carpet beside them. When you subsequently swerve through turns, accelerate or brake like a maniac, your cargo will stay wedged in place instead of tumbling across the trunk.

Unlike a conventional trunk organizer, it won’t limit you to specific sizes or shapes of compartments, plus it can be very easily moved out of the way when you need your full trunk space for larger loads. One does have to wonder, however, if the Velcro will cause the carpeting to become “frizzy” after repeated uses in the same area.

The Stayhold is available now, for US$12.99. It can be seen in use in the video below.

Source: Stayhold via Werd

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Why not just use a Rubbermaid container with some holes drilled through the sides and a bungee cord? Holds the items in place and doubles as a basket so you can lug the items around.



VW/Audi has had this same type of Velcro style system as OEM for a few years now; It is very handy!

Maybe the wife could use a set for her car.

Lucas Crossley

Gorilla Mats has had this for years. Been using it since 2005...

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