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Altipower personal hypoxicator

July 31, 2005 In 1968 the Mexico Olympic Games were held 2240 metres above sea level, and highlighted the benefits of high altitude training to sports scientists across the world – elite sportspeople immediately began moving to higher altitudes to train, wealthier countries built altitude training facilities for their athletes and scientists began exploring new ways of tricking the body. The theory is that an athlete’s sea-level aerobic capacity and performance improves with exposure to the lower oxygen levels of higher altitudes because the body’s physiological adaptive mechanisms (altitude acclimatisation) increases blood haemoglobin levels and hence the body’s oxygen transport system. The Altipower personal hypoxicator offers all the benefits of altitude training - increased speed, power and stamina, and improved recovery - without having to relocate to altitude, or even leave your living room. The good news is that everyone can benefit from simulating a high altitude environment, and research suggests that the lower your fitness level, the greater the benefit. Developed by Go2Altitude, the AltiPower is the first personal altitude simulator to reach market in that it is a machine which can be purchased inexpensively and used in the home – previous hypoxication machines (chambers, tents and hypoxicators) were very large and very costly. The AltiPower sells in three versions; the base model at US$350, the advanced model at US$600 and the professional model at US$1000.  Read More

The Trek TTX: Lance Armstrong's Tour de France special designed using computational fluid ...

UPDATED July 23, 2005 NEW IMAGES With a resting heart-rate of 32 beats per minute and 6.99 victories in the month-long, 3500 kilometre Tour de France cycling race, Lance Armstrong almost qualifies as a Gizmo in his own right. He’s always the one to watch in the event because he has always proven the most competitive in the two stages that are the most distinctive and demanding: the climbing and time trial stages. Armstrong excels when race conditions allow superior talent to shine through. As Armstrong lined up for his final Tour de France, Trek, the company that has supplied his bikes in each of his famous victories, delivered two special machines: the Madone SSLx climbing bike and the TTX time trial machine. Both are lighter, stiffer and faster than anything the company has built before.  Read More

Real-time Professional Golf Simulator for the home

May 11, 2005 Technological progress is being lavished on the science of golf at such a rate that it’s almost hard to keep up. In the last month we’ve featured the ingenious Top Swing Golf Robot and the even-more-ingenious iClub wireless motion capture system and now we have the ProTee Golf Simulator, a state-of-the-art golf simulation system designed for the home. This simulation goes beyond gaming: real clubs and real balls can be used and computing results can be projected onto a large screen. Another new feature is the modular build-up of the system. The basic package is very affordable and can even fit in your living room with only a sensor mat of synthetic grass and the club of your choice. No need to worry about windows: balls are optional.  Read More

Virtual Spectator Squash Technology

April 9, 2005 Watching live sport could take on new meanings in the future as new technologies put a virtual dashboard of information, infographics and overlays that enhance the experience in different ways for newbies and experts. This week the Bermuda Masters 2005 is not only showcasing the world's top 31 squash players, but a remarkably enhanced visual experience is being "test driven", as new technology captures on-court play and offers a compelling internet experience via SquashTrac, the latest innovation from award-winning interactive technology group Virtual Spectator.  Read More

Polar Weight Management Watch

If the human body can be regarded as a machine, the motor would be the heart. Given the mission-critical nature of the human body, and the expense and inconvenience of down-time, the latest offering from Polar Electro is worth a look - it's a weight and health management system based around a wrist receiver, a transmitter belt and ongoing access to an interactive website.The only solution for permanently successful weight management is to take in less energy than you expend and Polar Electro's new personalised guidance system looks to be the most logical development in an industry renowned for reducing intake but doing little about output.  Read More

The soccer ball V2.0

March 16, 2005 UPDATED IMAGES AND TECHNICAL INFO The World Cup of soccer is fast approaching and one of the features of the world's most watched sporting tournament is the latest soccer ball from adidas – the +Teamgeist. And well might you wonder how a soccer ball can be improved, given that technology has been working on the issue for well over 100 years. The devil is in the detail as you’d expect, but suffice to say that the new 14-panel design has resulted in a ball with the most consistent performance characteristics ever, enabling the players to show their true skills. There are fewer seams, so the ball is rounder and performs more uniformly, regardless of where it is hit. The more perfect the sphere is, the more balanced it will be, offering greater accuracy due to the predictability of its flight. The new panel shape harmonizes the energy displacement and minimizes the amount of corners, while the larger panels allow for a cleaner kicking area. Perhaps the biggest difference the players will find with the new balls will be how they play in the wet. Normally, a wet and heavy ball behaves quite differently from a dry one. It flies slower through the air, has a lower bounce and is more difficult to curl. A patented Thermal Bonding technology makes the new ball virtually waterproof with identical performance characteristsics wet or dry. The FIFA Approved Standard for water absorption stipulates no more than a 10% weight increase – the +Teamgeist’s blitzes this with less than 0.1 % weight increase. Similarly, it has significantly improved on all standards for uniformity of rebound and pressure retention and shape and size retention. Clever design and technologies has enabled adidas to reduce manufacturing tolerances to a new level .  Read More

Golf robot designed to give everyone the perfect swing

March 5, 2005 Top Swing is an electronically controlled robot that can hold your golf club, feel your swing, and guide you how to get the perfect swing - unlike all previous golf teaching aids, the Top Swing can enable everyone to FEEL just what the perfect golf shot FEELS like, enabling even beginners to grasp the proper motion concept. With Top Swing, students can feel and execute a perfect swing while advanced golfers and professionals can work on their shot and clinically measure what's happening each and every swing.  Read More

Adidas readies sportswear innovation: the tackle-proof football jumper

February 20, 2005 Adidas is set to unveil prototypes of a new football jumper that uses derivations of its ForMotion and ClimaCool clothing technologies to produce a tight-fitting jumper that conducts sweat away from the players body through a combination of heat and moisture-dissipating materials, and makes the surface of the jumper slippery and difficult to tackle. The jumper has been developed for Australian Rules Football's most famous and popular club Collingwood and could revolutionise Australian Rules and full contact sports where tackling is permitted. Adidas is a major sponsor and long term partner of the Collingwood Football Club and in the coming weeks the first prototypes of the on-field apparel concept will be delivered for evaluation.  Read More

Aerobic Training Device Allows Skiers to train all year

January 16, 2005 Skier's Edgenow builds a range of non-impact lateral aerobic trainers designed to improve skiing ability, lateral strength, agility, balance, endurance and overall fitness. Suitable for everyone from the novice to the most seasoned skier, the side-to-side conditioning will help take skiing abilities to the next level. The Skier's Edge Big Mountain Series will also help skiers maintain their fitness level in the off-season by specifically improving endurance and technical skiing ability.  Read More

Kilowatt SPORT hooks to your computer or game console to help you get fit

Las Vegas January 7, 2005 Dave Weinstein visits the CES and finds a way to get fit while playing video games. Powergrid Kilowatt SPORT is a fitness product that helps entertain and enthuse you by hooking up to a video game while you use it. Enrolling the competitive instinct to get that little bit extra from you, the harder you work, the more competitive you are in playing the game. Multi-platform compatibility allows the system to work with all the major game and computer platforms, including PS2, XBox, Gamecube, PC and Apple Mac.  Read More

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