Albeau sets new world windsurfing record at Luderitz Speed Challenge

In 2012, we watched the sailing speed record world shaken, with a raft of world records coming out of that year's Lüderitz Speed Challenge and surrounding Namibian waters. After starting off quietly on the world record front, this year's event saw one of those big 2012 records fall. French windsurfer Antoine Albeau beat his own mark to lift the 500-meter (1,640-ft) record up over 53 knots.
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Versatile Seasons boards ride pavement and snow (and sand and water, too)

Adding some new juice to the idea of an all-in-one quiver board, Colorado startup Seasons wants you to stop riding a different board every season – skateboard, snowboard, wakeboard – and start riding the same board. Its boards are built to erase boundaries and navigate all types of surfaces, helping you trim down your toy collection while still enjoying the sports you love.Read More

SMRT Mouth lets coaches know when players need to hydrate

While it's important for all of us to stay hydrated, it's particularly important for athletes. If they don't, their performance may suffer, plus they could collapse or even die. That's why a Virginia-based startup has created SMRT Mouth. It's a protective mouthguard that measures the wearer's hydration levels, and wirelessly alerts coaches if they're getting too low.Read More

Moxy Sensor monitors muscle blood oxygen levels while you workout

Dizziness and severe shortage of breath is a pretty sure sign of overexertion, but sometimes you won't know you've pushed yourself too far until you're hunched over the park bench gasping for air. The stick-on Moxy Monitor is designed to give athletes a window into how their body is performing during a workout, by tracking blood oxygen levels in their muscles in real time and displaying this along with other fitness data in third party apps and devices.Read More

OnCourse Goggles designed to keep triathletes swimming straight

If you regularly swim laps in a pool, chances are that you wear goggles so you can follow the lane markers on the bottom. For triathletes swimming in lakes or the sea, however, there are no lane markers. Instead, they have to periodically look up towards marker buoys, and may even then proceed forward in a time- and energy-wasting zig-zaggy pattern. That’s why OnCourse Goggles were created. Using LEDs, they show the wearer how to stay … well, on course.Read More

Throwable sound-emitting device to draw fish to your line

Rightly or wrongly, technology has made the sport of fishing less of a guessing game and more like shooting the proverbial gill-bearing creatures in a barrel. Smartphone-connected fish finders and even waterproof drones that will land your lure in their midst are a couple of recent examples, and now a new device is designed to make things even easier. The Fish Call works by mimicking the sounds of feeding fish and is claimed to draw in species of all kinds.Read More

Thermos gets into the connected hydration game with Smart Lid

Everyday things continue to get smarter and smarter. One of those things is the water bottle. We've seen several different hydration-tracking bottles from startups like HidrateMe and OleoApps Inc (BluFit Bottle). A much more established player is also putting some skin in the game. Thermos is set to launch the Smart Lid Hydration Bottle, which connects with the user's smartphone to keep tabs on his or her daily hydration.Read More

BMW developing high-tech racing wheelchair for 2016 Paralympic Games

Besides building luxury cars and motorcycles, BMW has made some pretty impressive sports gear, including an Olympic bobsled that drove Team USA to men's bronze and women's silver and bronze medals at the 2014 Sochi Olympics. BMW of North America announced today that it is now focusing attention on the upcoming 2016 Paralympic Games. It's reaching into its deep well of mechanical know-how to develop a racing wheelchair for the US track and field team.Read More


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