Pittsburgh Steelers recruit robot player

The Pittsburgh Steelers have a new MVP ... and it's a robot. In this case, MVP stands for "Mobile Virtual Player" – a remote controlled robotic dummy designed to help players practice tackling and other plays with less risk of repetitive injuries.Read More

Feature-packed Garmin Forerunner 735 XT drops heart rate strap

Garmin's Forerunner range has been at the, erm, forefront of the multi-sport watch world since 2003, but with more choice than ever in the world of fitness and health tracking, competition is intense. The new Forerunner 735 XT wades into battle loaded to the gills with enough tech to satisfy even the most discerning multi-sport users, who no longer need to wear a chest strap to track their heart rate. Read More

Garmin gets fashionable with vivomove analog fitness watch

Garmin has long been a player in the sport and fitness watch market, with current offerings like the vivoactive HR and fēnix 3 preceded by wrist-tops like the Forerunner 201. While diverse in terms of models and supported sports, Garmin's styling is largely limited to various categories of "digital geek" – rectangular digital geek, round digital geek, ginormously awkward digital geek, and so on. The new vivomove offers a much more classic look that you can feel comfortable wearing anywhere. Read More

Puma's BeatBot races runners

If you're a serious competitive runner, then training on your own isn't always enough – you need someone else to race against. That said, a fast enough runner might not always be available. What do you do then? Well, if you're one of a lucky few, you may soon be able to use your Puma BeatBot robot.Read More

Unified Weapons Master tests second-gen combat armor in underground fight event

Unified Weapons Master (UWM) is a fascinating new sport that lets martial artists go at each other full force with a range of different weapons, wearing fully protective armor that keeps score as you fight. In an underground battle event in Wellington, New Zealand, UWM revealed its latest intelligent Lorica armor and pitted six combatants from around the world against each other in full contact weapon combat.Read More

Nike gets up and running with power-lacing sneakers

Nike has dipped its toes into the waters of self-lacing shoes in the past, with limited runs of Back to the Future-inspired sneakers for charity in 2011 and 2015. But the sportswear giant is now diving right in, today unveiling its first consumer-focused Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 trainers for those who have grown tired of double knots and bunny ears.Read More

Under Armour's 3D-printed shoes bring computer designer to heel

3D printing is being increasingly adopted by sportswear companies as a means of producing shoes that are lighter and custom molded for a snug fit. Like Nike, Adidas and New Balance before it, Under Armour has now launched a new trainer produced with the help of 3D printing. But the use of advanced technology doesn't stop there, with the shoe's latticed midsole dreamt up not by one of the company's designers, but by some pretty imaginative computer software instead.Read More

Neck band made to protect the brain

When we think about avoiding concussions, we tend to think of helmets. The problem is, concussions are typically caused by the brain suddenly "sloshing" within the skull, knocking itself against the inside of the cranium. Helmets help reduce the likelihood of that happening by absorbing impact energy, but they're not 100 percent effective – that's why concussions can sometimes occur even without a hit being delivered directly to the head. Help may be on the way, however, in the form of a simple neck band.Read More

Revoll electric skateboard offers two batteries for double the range

The trend lately in electric skateboards has been to go smaller and lighter – the Sk8-Booster drive, the Stary board, the Bolt, and on and on. Slovenia's Revoll has different ideas. Its C1N electric longboard does feature carbon fiber construction, but it isn't gunning for the title of "lightest" or "smallest." Instead, the dual-motor, dual-battery board promises a fast ride and long range.
Read More


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