134-year-old British fortress becomes a luxury island escape


February 19, 2013

Located one mile out to sea from Portsmouth Harbor, UK, the 134 year old Spitbank Fort has been transformed into a luxury hotel

Located one mile out to sea from Portsmouth Harbor, UK, the 134 year old Spitbank Fort has been transformed into a luxury hotel

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Located one mile out to sea off the coast from Portsmouth Harbor in Hampshire, U.K., the 134 year old Spitbank Fort was originally used to defend the coast of Britain against ships and light aircraft. Now, after a £3 million (US$4.85 million) makeover, it has been transformed into an exclusive island retreat.

The Fort was once home to nine 12.5 inch muzzle loading guns, which were later replaced in 1884 with more “modern” 12-inch breech-loading guns, remaining in service until after World War I. In 1982 the Ministry of Defense decommissioned the fort and since then the historical landmark has been in the hands of private owners. The current owners bought the fort in 2010 and after extensive renovations, the hotel opened its door in the second half of 2012.

Spitbank Fort Hotel is now home to nine luxury guest rooms, three bars, three restaurants, rooftop champagne bar, wine cellar, library, rooftop hot pool, sauna and sun decks. Many of the fort’s original features have been retained, featuring exposed brick walls, fortress windows and a couple of old cannons.

Spitbank guests are greeted at Gosport before being escorted by a private boat onto the resort. And if that’s not enough style for you, one does have the option of being flown in by helicopter, landing aboard Spitbank Fort's big brother No Man's Land Fort, before being whisked across on a short 10 minute boat ride.

As a one-of-a-kind destination the fort provides a unique overnight escape or a great day trip for a special Sunday lunch or Twilight Dinner. The fort can also be hired for exclusive use, with packages available for weddings, private parties, sailing weekends and themed events such as the “Ultimate Boys Weekend Away” or the “Luxury Girls Getaway”.

A night at Spitbank Fort will set you back £350 (US$565) per person, including a full English breakfast served the following morning.

Source: Spitbank Fort via Daily Mail

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I'm sure it comes with plenty of Nasty,Freaky Sin too....

Kevin Thomas

I wanted to say that this is a spoiled waste of a valuable historic monument...but it seems that the renovators left the mood of the original structure somewhat intact. Definitely would be very cool to visit.


This place has been used for a few films over the years I've often wondered what could be done with it, its ideal for a private retreat and there are plenty of celebs that would welcome the privacy. Great renovation job. Just wish I could afford to stay there.

Richard Unger

Nothing like a fortified offshore retreat when the 300 year high in sovereign bonds pops it's bubble in the UK and the rioting and looting starts after a week of the Shops having no food to sell to the starving masses.

Joseph Mertens
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