Real-life Spider-Man webshooter uses a coil gun instead of web fluid


April 16, 2014

Patrick Priebe's electromagnetic webshooter

Patrick Priebe's electromagnetic webshooter

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In honor of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opening tomorrow in Germany (among other places), German laser weapons hobbyist Patrick Priebe has just filled us in on his latest creation – it's a Spider-Man-inspired electromagnetic webshooter, that actually fires a harpoon-tipped length of fishing line into styrofoam targets.

Just like Spider-Man's "real" webshooter, this one is worn on the wrist, and fired by pressing on a button (one of three, actually) located on a plate under the glove material, on the user's palm. Unlike the original, however, this one also features an aiming laser and LEDs to indicate its operational status.

The brass-tipped mini-harpoon is shot from a tiny coil gun, the capacitor of which is charged by holding down another one of the palm buttons. The harpoon trails fishing line behind it, which can be rewound back onto its mini-winch by pressing the third button. Doing so lets the wearer drag the styrofoam target back to them.

All of the power requirements are served by a single lithium-polymer battery.

You can see the webshooter in action in the first of the videos below, along with Priebe's new Spider-Man-themed wrist-mounted burning laser in the second clip.

Source: Laser Gadgets by Patrick Priebe

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