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Speedo Aquabeat waterproof MP3 player


February 17, 2010

The Speedo Aquabeat comes in lime green, hot pink, black and gray

The Speedo Aquabeat comes in lime green, hot pink, black and gray

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Speedo's offering in the waterproof MP3 player arena - the Aquabeat - is submersible to three meters, weighs in at only 35g and is easily attached to your sports gear so you can have beats as you zig-zag at high-speed down the mountain or cut laps at the pool.

Attachable via clip or armband to all types of sportswear including goggles, swimwear, wetsuits and snowsuits, the unit is designed to appeal to any athlete who gets a little wet; from joggers, beach bums and surfers, to snorkelers, skiers and wake-boarders. It also floats in water, thus avoiding accidental loss.

The Aquabeat is available in 1GB or 2GB flash memory storing up to 500 or 800 songs respectively, which can be uploaded via USB cable in either mp3 or WMA format.

The 1GB player comes in black, pink or lime green, and the 2GB in a more sedate gray. It provides eight hours of playback and can be charged via USB or through a wall and car charger which are sold separately.

For music-loving sporty types this is a must-have at $199 but for those that infrequently squeeze in a few lengths at the pool the price might be off-putting.

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