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Sosia is a compact multifunctional sofa bed


August 4, 2011

Sosia's side panels can be raised to create a secret cubby or dressing room (Image from Ca...

Sosia's side panels can be raised to create a secret cubby or dressing room (Image from Campeggi)

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It's called Sosia (meaning Doppelganger) and it's the latest creation from Italian designer Emanuele Magini. This multifunctional sofa bed allows you to change appearances, style, size and functionality in as little space as possible. Comprised of soft and flexible external fabric, a big central hinge and an industrial zipper, Sosia can change shape depending on your mood or hospitality needs. With a few adjustments you can create an L-shaped conversation nook, a face-to-face sitting area, a cozy single bed, or raise the side panels to create a secret cubby or dressing room.

"It's a dynamic object ready to adapt to the different situations that everyday life brings," says Magini.

Sosia is part of the 2011 furniture collection available from Italian manufacturer, Campeggi.

Source: DesignMag (Italian)

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love it!

Kyle R Johnson
6th August, 2011 @ 08:13 am PDT
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