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Sony announces high-end Xperia Z smartphone


January 7, 2013

At CES 2013, Sony unveiled the high-end Xperia Z smartphone

At CES 2013, Sony unveiled the high-end Xperia Z smartphone

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In the smartphone wars, Apple and Samsung reign supreme. Companies like Motorola, LG, HTC, and Nokia are struggling to stay above water. Then you have Sony. Despite its history, many customers don't even know that the Japanese company makes smartphones. Sony is hoping to change that, with its most serious mobile device yet, the Xperia Z.

2013's High-end

The Xperia Z sports a 5-inch, 1920 x 1080 display. That places it alongside the Droid DNA and Huawei Ascend D2 with an absurd 441 pixels per inch (PPI).

Powering the handset is Qualcomm's quad core Snapdragon S4 Pro chip. The device's rear camera takes 13 MP pictures, and shoots high dynamic range (HDR) video. Sony packed it all into a slim body, measuring a mere 7.9 mm thick.

Sony didn't announce any wireless carriers, but the Xperia Z supports LTE. The phone will launch with Android 4.1, but Sony says it will update to 4.2 soon after release.


Sony is marketing the device's water resistance. No smartphone today is completely water-proof, but Sony says the Xperia Z provides the highest levels of water-proofing (IP55 and IP57) among high-end handsets.

Coming soon

The Xperia Z will launch globally within the next few months. As to the impact it will have on the smartphone market ... we'll just have to wait and see.

Product page: Sony Xperia Z smartphone

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The water resistance is welcome as I have drowned expensive phones motorcycling in the rain in a leather jacket. My Xperia P is pretty good, but drops a battery percentage every time you touch it. Hopefully the larger screen means a larger battery


I agree Ozuzi, but as of yet cellphone manufacturers remain clueless. Here is a list on improvements I would like to see on cellphones.

1) Give me a battery that I don't have to charge for at least a week. Yes it will be larger, it will also be useful in case I get stuck somewhere. That never happens to anyone.

2) Tools.....recently with the Iphone 5 and other cellphones, you now need small tools to remove and install sim and SD cards. WTH?! What ape of an engineer thought that one up? If the card is small enough that I need tool, you should obviously NOT make the dang card that freaking small. Stop that. It's dumb, and obviously have never used your product long enough to know how to work it. Also don't put them behind the battery. It generates heat....duh.

3) Bloatware. One of my biggest pet peeves. Guess what, 50% of that stuff will never be used. Why not give us a bit more performance and space by being able to delete the useless junk it comes with.


This could be a good thing, lets hope so :) looking forward to reading a review

Terry Penrose
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