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Sony Playstation Move motion controller official


March 10, 2010

The PlayStation Move with its glowing 'Light Sphere' and the wireless Subcontroller with a...

The PlayStation Move with its glowing 'Light Sphere' and the wireless Subcontroller with analogue stick input

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Sony’s motion controller for the PS3 first unveiled at E3 in 2009 now has a final design along with an official name. At the Game Developer Conference (GDC) 2010 the company officially announced the PlayStation Move motion controller touting its precision and calling it the “next generation of motion gaming”. The controller works in conjunction with the PlayStation Eye camera that tracks the controller’s glowing “light sphere” in three dimensions and that is the key to the Move’s accuracy.

At the launch Sony Computer Entertainment America marketing head Peter Dille said the Move offered greater precision than current motion controllers, (read the Wiimote), with controller latency under one frame – the same as the DualShock 3. And for the rave crowd and to provide an extra bit of visual feedback for gamers the light sphere also changes color.

Sony also unveiled a Subcontroller that includes analogue stick input to function like a wireless version of Nintendo’s Nunchuk controller. For first person shooters (FPS) like the upcoming SOCOM 4 the Move controller is used to control the camera, while the Subcontroller is used to control the character.

Sony is hoping to appeal to a wide range of gamers including the casual gamers that the Wii has been so successful with, as well as more hardcore gamers for whom accuracy and responsiveness is key. Upcoming Move compatible titles designed to appeal to serious gamers include:

  • DUKES - a bare-knuckle boxing game
  • DUKES bare-knuckle boxing game
  • Slider – a kung-fu action game
  • Slider kung-fu action game

  • The Shoot – which appears to be a cross between a western FPS and movie making game

    The Shoot western themed FPS

Games targeting the casual gamer include:
  • Move Party – a collection of multiplayer games
  • Sony Playstation Move motion controller official
  • Sports Champions – a collection of sports-based games including archery, table tennis and medieval dueling with sword and shield
  • Sports Champions archery
    Sports Champions table tennis
    Sports Champions sword and shield dueling

  • TV Superstars – a collection of five TV game shows

    TV Superstars TV game shows game

Games like DUKES and the medieval dueling in Sports Champions will require two PlayStation Move controllers unless you fancy yourself and think you can fight well enough with just one hand.

Many existing franchises such as SOCOM will also be enhanced with PlayStation Move functionality. Sony says it is also able to add Move functionality to existing games such as LittleBigPlanet without compromising graphical quality or gameplay because of the Move’s low performance impact on the PS3 system.

The PlayStation Move motion controller will be available in a number of different packs.
  • In a “starter kit” consisting of a PlayStation Eye camera, Move controller and a “starter disc” of demos of upcoming games
  • As a single controller for those who already own a PlayStation Eye camera
  • In a console pack including PS3, DualShock3 controller, Move controller and Eye camera
  • And also bundled with some games

Aside from the starter kit aiming for a sub-US$100 price point there’s no further details on pricing from Sony yet. The PlayStation Move is slated for a Fall 2010 release.

Via PlayStation Blog

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hmm, the only thing it is missing is an infra red signal for 1st person shooters.

David Anderton
10th March, 2010 @ 10:15 pm PST

"hmm, the only thing it is missing is an infra red signal for 1st person shooters." - David Anderton

The article explains how you would aim in a FPS without infra red: "For first person shooters (FPS) like the upcoming SOCOM 4 the Move controller is used to control the camera".

It's strange but the games look too realistic for motion control. I have a feeling most casual gamers (read girls) will prefer the cartoon bobble head characters found in many Wii games.

12th March, 2010 @ 04:50 am PST
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