Sony to release PlayStation branded 24-inch 3D display


June 7, 2011

Sony's PlayStation branded 24-inch 3D Display

Sony's PlayStation branded 24-inch 3D Display

While details of Sony's PlayStation Vita came as no surprise at the company's E3 press conference, the announcement of a PlayStation branded display raised a few eyebrows. At 24-inches, the full HD 1080p, edge-lit LED LCD 3D display is aimed specifically as PS3 owners without the space or cash to go with a big screen 3D-capable TV. In addition to 3D, the display also comes with a two-player feature that allows two different images to be sent to two different players at the same time.

Since the two-player feature relies on the same technology that sends different images to the left and right eye to create the 3D effect for single players, both players will only be able to view their respective images in 2D. But the ability for both players to enjoy local multiplayer action fullscreen (on supported titles) instead of splitscreen is definitely a plus.

Other specs include a contrast ratio of 5,000:1, 4ms GTG average response time, 176-degree viewing angle, two HDMI inputs, stereo speakers (2 x 3W) and an integrated subwoofer (5W). Sony also claims the display is the first for its size to feature quad-speed frame sequential display technology that minimizes 3D crosstalk.

The PlayStation branded 3D display comes bundled with one pair of 3D glasses that charge via USB, an HDMI cable, and a copy of the upcoming Resistance 3. The display will be priced at US$499.99 when it goes on sale this Autumn (in the northern hemisphere). Additional pairs of 3D glasses will be available for $69.99.

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there are better monitors out there...

Vikram Vishwanath

That\'s actually a cool idea... does this mean that Sony will implement duel 2D view for other 3D monitors as well? This could also be cool for movies or DTV - one person could watch Hulu while the other watches blu-ray. Or one person could play games while the other watches sports... of course it means people wearing silly glasses.

What would be great is if the headsets were standardized. Then someone could build a headset that clips on to prescription glasses, or that runs at a rate that doesn\'t bother borderline epileptics.

Charles Bosse
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