Sony reveals upgraded Action Cam


January 10, 2014

Sony's new HDR-AS100V – it's white!

Sony's new HDR-AS100V – it's white!

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Sony is now offering a deluxe version of its Action Cam, which we spied on the floor of CES this week. Among the new features are high-speed shooting modes, a splash-proof body and of course, a nifty white finish.

The latest version of the Action Cam (or the HDR-AS100V, technically-speaking) can now shoot slow motion footage at speeds of either 120 or 240 fps, both at a resolution of 720p. It can also now shoot at 1080p/24fps, for people who want a "filmier" look than that offered by 30fps.

Sony claims that the AS100V is able to "capture quick action with extremely smooth image motion," thanks to a use of the XAVC S recording format and 50Mbps high bit rate data transfer. The camera's Exmor R CMOS sensor has also been bumped up from 16 to 18 megapixels, while shot stability has reportedly been more than doubled, courtesy of the company's SteadyShot Image Stabilization tech.

Users can additionally control up to five Action Cams at once, using the optional wristwatch-style Live-View Remote (pictured above). Other new features include a choice of color settings, a 2-megapixel time-lapse mode, 13.5-megapixel stills, a built-in tripod mount, and the ability to record images upside-down when the camera is inverted. As mentioned, the AS100V is also splash-resistant, even when not encased in its watertight housing.

Future firmware updates will include time code capability, burst photo mode, and live video streaming.

The new Action Cam will be in stores as of March, at a price of about US$300 for the camera alone, or $400 for a package that includes the Live-View Remote.

Source: Sony

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Streaming software is the big mystery. Will it stream to a PC, or only to a cel phone? Will it appear to the OS as a webcam, so that it can be used in any application? Or will it only stream to special Sony software?

If this camera appears to Windows as a webcam, it would be usable in video chat software. Add a wireless headset, and you have a remote tour guide. I've read every report available on this camera, and not one journalist has even raised these questions.

These action cameras will be good for a lot more than skiing down a mountain, if an LED over some marketing wonk's head ever lights up.


Eddie. Journalist's would not use these yet until the quality improves but I do agree that using the device to stream would be cool. Both Youtube and Vimeo offer streaming options. Neither require any special software as far as I know. We have experimented with skydiving and live streaming with some success.

Martin Edge

Yawn - GoPro has been 400% better for well over a year? Why did sony even bother? Where's the 4K? Where's the 2.7K@30p ? Where's the 1080p @60hz ? For what this offers, it should be selling for $99 or less.


What resolution will the interval shots be at?

Sam Salwei
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