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Sony shows off new 3D camcorder at CES


January 18, 2013

Sony's new HDR-TD30V camcorder on the CES 2013 show floor

Sony's new HDR-TD30V camcorder on the CES 2013 show floor

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Sony unveiled its latest 3D camcorder at CES 2013. Known as the HDR-TD30V, it features full 1080p 60/24fps HD in both of its lenses – by contrast, most other 3D camcorders split a single 1080p signal into two lower-resolution channels.

Users are able to view created videos in 3D directly on its 3.5-inch LCD display without using any kind of glasses. Of course, they can also watch and record videos in 2D if they should so choose. Even if the footage is recorded in 3D, the dual full HD lenses allow users to watch it in two-dimensional full HD on a TV or other display.

The new model comes with a 20.4-megapixel Exmor R CMOS Sensor to go along with the dual wide-angle G lenses, plus it incorporates Sony's tracking focus, which is able follow selected subjects in the shot.

The HDR-TD30V comes with other high-end features you might expect from a device with a price tag around US$999. It has image stabilization, a 10x optical zoom, and a 17x extended zoom.

Sony's new 3D camcorder also comes with face detection, voice enhancement, and noise reduction to keep the sound quality high without hooking up a dedicated microphone.

Sony expects the camcorder to hit the market sometime in February.

Source: Sony

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How are the videos viewed? I'm hoping "wobble", the modern "flicker".

Art Toegemann
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