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Sonomax's eers earphones are custom-molded to fit, by the user


January 25, 2012

Sonomax's eers earphones are custom-molded by the user, to fit their ear canals

Sonomax's eers earphones are custom-molded by the user, to fit their ear canals

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Undoubtedly, one of the biggest things to happen with in-ear earphones in recent years is customized fitting. Products such as those made by Ultimate Ears, for instance, are made to fit precisely into each user's unique ear structure. The catch is that said users must first pay a visit to an audiologist and get an ear imprint made, send that imprint away to the company, and then wait to receive their custom-molded earbuds in the mail. Canada's Sonomax Technologies, however, has come up with an alternative - earphones that you can mold to your ears by yourself, at home.

Sonomax offers two products, the eers PCS-100 and PCS-200 earphones. The 100 features one single-drive dynamic speaker per earphone and 115 dB maximum output, while the fancier 200 incorporates dual balanced armature speakers with crossover, and a maximum output of 120 dB. The fitting process, which is said to take about seven minutes, is the same for both models.

Users start by spreading lubricant on the supplied earpieces, which consist of a hard plastic inner core, surrounded by a sealed soft silicone bladder. The earpieces are mounted on the inside of the included SonoFit fitting system, which looks rather like a large pair of over-ear headphones. Users proceed to put that fitting system on, inserting the earpieces into their ear canals as they do so. Once activated, the SonoFit pumps liquid silicone into the bladders of the earpieces. Within about four minutes, the bladders expand to take on the shape of the inside of each ear canal, and the liquid silicone sets.

From there, the finished earpieces are removed from the fitting system, and applied to the earphones.

The eers earphones are so far only available in Canada and the U.S., in select retailers or via the company website. The PCS-100 is priced at $CA199.99 (very close to the same in U.S. funds), while the PCS-200 goes for $CA299.99. Sonomax has also just announced its new 150 and 250 models, which should be available soon.

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