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Sonim XP1 mobile phone - one hard nut to crack


February 19, 2008

Sonim XP1

Sonim XP1

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February 20, 2008 It's quite a claim, but in the quest to prove that the XP1 is the world's toughest phone US based mobile telecom Sonim Technologies has seen its rugged handset run over by a truck, burnt, shot at, encased in concrete, used as a soccerball and even attached to fireworks.

The Sonim XP1 (the XP stands for extreme performance) is currently making its way around Europe on a so called "World's Toughest Phone Tour" with bloggers and journalists invited to "torture test" the phone. Apart from being a lot of fun, the challenge demonstrates the remarkable durability of the phone which in most cases it continues to operate (though it didn't seem to enjoy being shot with a Glock 9mm by Mobil magazine). See some of the punishment being dished out here.

The 128g military-spec GSM handset features Bluetooth and Push-To-Talk capabilities and operates in temperatures ranging from -20C to +60C. See Sonim for full tech-specs.

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