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Solar charging PMP charges other portable devices


March 29, 2008

Source: InventorSpot.com

Source: InventorSpot.com

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March 29, 2008 InventorSpot have reviewed eMotion’s new portable media player which is charged by solar panels built into the back of the device. The EM-SOL1GIG not only charges itself from the Sun, but with the use of a charger adapter the EM-SOL1GIG can be used to charge other portable devices such as mobile phones, MP3/MP4 players, laptops, digital cameras and other portable Lithium battery devices. The device supports a maximum SD card size of 2GB and files can be transferred on and off using the built-in SD card reader. The EM-SOL1GIG also comes with a long list of media capabilities including the ability to play music and video, display photos and books and play games – albeit on a 320x240 screen.

Some users may find the list of supported formats restrictive with music lovers limited to MP1, MP2, MP3, WMA, WAV, ADPCM and AMR formats while videos will need to be in AVI format. The standard photo formats of JPEG, GIF and BMP are supported while the built in ‘game simulator’ is compatible with NES/GB/GBC/SEGA game ROMs. Any books will need to be in TXT format and the unit also features E-Book reading capacity with the ability to read out loud any TXT file in Chinese or English.

The EM-SOL1GIG, which comes with 1GB of memory, is available for US$159 while the 2GB EM-SOL2GIG is priced at US$169 through Mediastreet.

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