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The world's largest single-story motorhome?


September 2, 2009

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Running the risk of being mistaken for another pavilion at the recent Caravan Salon Motor Home and Caravan Trade Show in Dusseldorf was the Snakeliner President-Suite – a mobile house sitting atop a semitrailer that lets travelers satisfy their wanderlust while enjoying 969 sq ft (90m²) of living space.

The President-Suite, (which we’re assuming should be the Presidential Suite but is a victim of poor translation), measures 18m (59 ft) long and 2.5m (8.2 ft) wide - not including the driver’s cabin. But if that wasn’t big enough, both sides can be extended outward a further 1.125m (3.7ft) to make it 5m (16.4 ft) wide when fully set up.

And it isn’t just the size that makes this mobile behemoth feel like a house. Interior fittings such as the granite dining room table give a feel that isn’t at all lightweight and 'motorhomey'. Other lavish interior features include a big screen TV in every room, a king-size waterbed, washing machine, drier, satellite Internet, central heating system, sound proofing, remote-controlled door and fire extinguishing system.

On the outside the President-Suite boasts electric window shades, steel-reinforced door, thermo glass, and water and sewage tank. However, if you’re still not satisfied you can request optional extras such as an additional story, granite floors, garage for a vehicle, cellar for a motorboat and a helicopter-landing site!

Although the nominal price for the President-Suite is EUR€650,000 (approx. USD$922,825 at time of publication), the high levels of customization Snakeliner offers means that the price could vary by hundreds of thousands of dollars. Not exactly one for the budget traveler in any case.

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This is a trailer on the back of a semi truck, this is not a motor home. You can't even walk from the cab to the back without going outside. Not to mention the fact this thing is classified as a wide load vehicle you need a special semi license to drive it. I see this type of setup all the time while trailer homes are being transported, it's not a motor home.

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Constructed on either a commercial truck chassis, a specially designed motor vehicle chassis, or a commercial bus chassis. The addition of slide-outs, first appearing in 1989, dramatically changed the industry, as they allow a wider room than would fit on the road

pop top caravans

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True, it isn\'t a \"motor home, but it is an RV. Trailers in the US are allowed to be 102\" wide- that\'s 8\'6\". Allowable length is determined by the states; there may be specific rules that allow non-commercial, RV trailers to be longer than allowed for commercial vehicles.

William Lanteigne
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